Comfort Eating

First and foremost ‘comfort eating’ works about as good as draining buckwheat through a drainer that’s too big for it…it doesn’t!
Eating crap to help ‘comfort’ the mood may take your mind off your troubles in the first instance but it sure as shit doesn’t help them.
I just spent the last however long with the poorest diet I have had in a long time, tubs and tubs of nut butter, copious amounts of bombay mix, pack after pack (literally) of rice cakes, the kids snack bars, maple syrup straight out the squeezy, pancake upon pancake, all the fruits highest in fructose, a disgusting amount of salt on everything and loads of overpriced salted chips and a fair few bottles of olive oil have been on the menu with no sign of my usual superfoods or homemade probiotics! Gross, absolutely sickening literally! I’m ready to yak! I’m ready for change, I am fed up with eating shit and it getting me no where but blubber belly, pimple face and further in depression. It all begins with my monthly hormone change so I stuff my face like a beast and say its ok cause this is just my time of the month usual. After that time ends and I’m not stoned, what excuse do I have? No excuses people it’s just pure lack of will. My god given will thrown back in His face. WTF is wrong with me. So after the ‘testing period’ it has been proven that eating unhealthy and fast foods just adds to all troubles. I knew all this deep down but me being me has to go to the extreme and ‘see for myself’ before I really understand the destruction. Eating in haste and severely unhealthily hasn’t solved anything, it has made every single problem worse! It has made me more sluggish than bloated period days, it has made me more depressed than when I started, it triggers other weaknesses and it has caused more stress, it has actually made me angry and really ugly! No more. I miss my sauerkraut and celery strength, not to mention what hot guy I could have picked up during all that time, sheesh, give yourself a break woman.


…And she did!


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