Organic Wild Garlic from Riverford


Amazing! Yes, I just tried these amazing leaves for the first time in a Wild Garlic and Cayenne Spring Salad that I made and it complemented everything just right. Collectively the salad was a very delicious one and these little beauties now have a place in our home.

The Riverford delivery arrived yesterday and I couldn’t help but nibble some of the fresh Wild Garlic leaves straight out of the bag. I think the plant tastes fantastic, most definitely fresh! Hello organic!

To get your hands on some of this green magic visit and put an order in today 🙂



The Green Party at Hyde Park for London 420 Cannabis Rally Picnic Protest

one love canna

Last year we were able to see The Green Party at Hyde Park for the London 420 Cannabis Rally Picnic Protest, hopefully they will be there again showing their support in the sensibility of decriminalising cannabis this year!

All who care please do come, show your support and make Cannabis readily available to SAVE THE EARTH – it is true what they say, hemp for victory! …and besides it tastes so darn good!!

Hyde Park, London
Sunday 19th April 2015

For further details on the event please visit the links below 🙂

Official Facebook Event for London 420 – 2015 Hyde Park – 19th April

Official Event of Party Earth London

What an amazing way to spend a Smokey Sunday. It would be lovely to see you all there.


An Honorable Woman – Natalie Bennett


What an amazing Woman, an incredible team of people that truly care about the future of this planet, the only place we have to live!

Its not hard to see that if we drill down, take the oil, burn it, melt the ice caps, rise sea level and have no land left instead of using solar, wind and other sustainable energies that we will be well and truly fucked, for want of a better word, I mean seriously if there is a party that actually have the power to make global change for good then FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I WILL VOTE!

With quotes from this article like…

‘The way to get focused on better environmental policy is to focus on issues conserving nature is to vote for Green MPs’

‘£10 minimum wage, and abolition of tuition fees’

‘Robin Hood Tax’

‘There’s a lot of expert advice and evidence from around the world that says decriminalising cannabis is the way forward’

‘According to, the Green Party is the second favorite party of the UK electorate, shortly behind Labour’

‘it’s in voters hands to actually deliver a peaceful political revolution’ on May 7th.’

…it really is up to us to admit and say – “I can see the damage we are doing to our World and I can see the renewable and easier way to harvest energy to keep us alive. I WILL do something to ensure there is a World for my grandchildren to grow up in” –

We can all make small changes at home like, reducing, reusing, recycling and collectively we CAN save the planet by using renewable and being more self sustainable as well as closely minding our health and naturally self medicating.

Don’t just vote the lesser of two evil just to keep the other out, think for yourself, who actually wants real change as apposed to bags of cash?

GREEN PARTY…/interview-natalie-bennett-%E2%80%…

In season at The Farm – A Box Full Of Beans!



Riverford is at it again, packing the boxes to full potential with the best of the season and ever thankful are we (my family) as devoted customers. Thank You 🙂

These beans that I speak of are the classic Organic Broad Beans that are currently in season and in the vegetable boxes on The Farm.
They can be purchased at Riverford Organic Farms through the online store via the Fruit and Veg section using the link above in this post. The beans also come with free recipes about them that can be found in the recipe section via this link here.

Now, which recipes to follow with all these beans, hope my boys have a healthy appetite this week as I have one for trying out new things 😀

If you don’t already know about Riverford, where have you been?! They are a superb organic farming company with 3 main farms in this country and a couple in France. The staff work extremely hard to provide an abundance of fresh and a truly nourishing range of foods and beverages. Vegetables, fruit, meat, dairy, drinks of all sorts, bakery goods and handy items for the home can all be found on their well thought-out website –

They do a range of boxes if you fancy refreshing your diet and changing up your shopping list with just a few clicks, or there are different sections for you to choose your own produce and make your own list. It is all organic and delivery is free providing you spend £12.50, already sounding good right? When you place a regular order through me you will get a box free and a free recipe book 🙂 Sounding fab now isn’t it. Always wanted to make the jump over to deliciousness from mundane supermarket aisles, online stores and not so great foods that are chemically dangerous instead of healthy? Now is your chance, and best of all the overall price you spend will be a tiny fraction more than what you spend now because you will have pure quality health over quantity and affordability.

The guys at this company totally changed my life around, I am so happy with the nourishment and well-being I get from eating Riverford’s outstanding organic foods that I spend next to £0 on impulse foods. The budget is set and we know we are always getting a great deal.
An honest and friendly member of the team will arrive every week on the day allocated to your area without fail with smiles and boxes full of goodies, you will know it is them at the door as I swear the boxes glow!

If you would like to place and order and receive the free welcome gifts stated please do get in touch via our Contact Page and we can get you set on your way within minutes. If you would prefer to trial them yourself then pop over to the website give them a try, or alternatively you could call them on 01803 762059. Trust me you will never loose out or feel hard done by and you will probably never look back if I am honest.

You can feel the quality instantly and then when you live it, you know.

For a further detailed review on the farm in Hampshire please see a previous article I wrote on The Farm.







Amazing! PeaceCrafting has been nominated for an award and I am extremely grateful in receiving it.
Since PeaceCrafting began it has always been a part of a beautiful awakening within my soul, in that which I can achieve happiness, a channel for energy and love. Peace be with You.

On 1st February 2015 I was delighted to receive the first ever award here at PeaceCrafting. Kindly awarded and gifted by Clare from My Creative Cosmos / Clare and Dean is a nomination for WordPress’ The Versatile Blogger Award on our Contact Page. Yay!

I have been battling with ill health and a busy family life for a while now, my laptop broke, everything got on top of me and I fell into a little emotional heap and didn’t write or read or do much of anything other than the bare minimal basics. I apologise again for the delay in properly accepting, displaying the award and paying it forward. Clare knows I am grateful (THANK YOU again) and sincerely appreciate being awarded. I am on the mend and also very excited by writing and being motivated again. Now if i could just get 5 extra hours a day 🙂

I am happy to say I am back and now able to fully accept the award!

~ ⋅ – ⋅ ~ ♥ ~ ⋅ – ⋅ ~


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The Award Rules

  • Thank the person who gave you this award.
  •  Include a link to their blog.
  •  Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you follow.
  •  Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.
  •  Finally, tell 7 things about yourself.

Full details of the award can be found on the VBA website through this link.

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The Seven things about myself

1. I love to meditate and get a lengthy yoga session in whenever I can.
2. I have found a new love for life through a powerful awakening causing me to be earth conscious and ecologically friendly, with a passion to unite us all as One, free from egotistically driven thoughts and actions.
3. I have two Sons and together we form one family out of a surprisingly vast number of families, in the UK, that home educate our children.
4. I love a clear ocean and the feel of a soft sandy beach between my toes whilst the Sun penetrates through my hair and skin.
5. I will soon be running a home business that will provide natural healing. I can finally put my qualifications to work, using my fresh homemade products!
6. I love to be self sustainable wherever possible and finding all the new frugal ways lights fire within me.
7. I love adventure!

~ ⋅ – ⋅ ~ ♥ ~ ⋅ – ⋅ ~

The Nominees I pass the award forward to are (in no particular order):


Lance Greenfield

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Congratulations to You all! You are all fabulous writers, photographers, poets, story tellers, realists and so much more!
Thank You for spicing up my inbox and gifting versatile vibrancy to the World through WP 😀
Combined, these 15 blogs along with many more I follow, illuminate life for its truest form of pure beauty and bring it so gently to the reader that it will have you in a state of pure bliss. Thank You to everyone in the World who writes. Blessed be.

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Local Organic Farm -Fruit & Veg from Riverford in Hampshire

🙂 ❤

a bionomic consciousness


I buy a veg box and a fruit box each week from my local Hampshire Organic Riverford farm and I wouldn’t want to live without it!

Riverford is an award winning farm offering Fruit, Vegetables, Herbs, Spices, Meat, Dairy, Bakery Goods and Refreshments for all in the South of England. Riverford is privately owned by Guy Watson, it has always been owned by his family and I can feel quite confident in saying it always will be.


The farm’s friendly team have been distributing organic produce for nearly 25 years. There is an extensive range of fruit, veg and drinks available to consumers, providing healthy produce through ethical farming to provide families with the best food our Earth can bring. They do certainly provide the freshest and most delicious fruit and veg I have ever tasted and their selected juices and wines are simply divine!
I totally recommend Riverford to…

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