An Honorable Woman – Natalie Bennett


What an amazing Woman, an incredible team of people that truly care about the future of this planet, the only place we have to live!

Its not hard to see that if we drill down, take the oil, burn it, melt the ice caps, rise sea level and have no land left instead of using solar, wind and other sustainable energies that we will be well and truly fucked, for want of a better word, I mean seriously if there is a party that actually have the power to make global change for good then FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I WILL VOTE!

With quotes from this article like…

‘The way to get focused on better environmental policy is to focus on issues conserving nature is to vote for Green MPs’

‘£10 minimum wage, and abolition of tuition fees’

‘Robin Hood Tax’

‘There’s a lot of expert advice and evidence from around the world that says decriminalising cannabis is the way forward’

‘According to, the Green Party is the second favorite party of the UK electorate, shortly behind Labour’

‘it’s in voters hands to actually deliver a peaceful political revolution’ on May 7th.’

…it really is up to us to admit and say – “I can see the damage we are doing to our World and I can see the renewable and easier way to harvest energy to keep us alive. I WILL do something to ensure there is a World for my grandchildren to grow up in” –

We can all make small changes at home like, reducing, reusing, recycling and collectively we CAN save the planet by using renewable and being more self sustainable as well as closely minding our health and naturally self medicating.

Don’t just vote the lesser of two evil just to keep the other out, think for yourself, who actually wants real change as apposed to bags of cash?

GREEN PARTY…/interview-natalie-bennett-%E2%80%…


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