The Spicy Friday Smoothie


Lately, I’ve been changing things up to see how it effects me.
Tonight I enjoyed an organic smoothie for dinner! This is a great recipe if you like a thick and creamy smoothie and if you love to spice things up a little 🙂


1/4 tsp Cayenne Pepper

1 tsp of each of the seeds below:
Shelled Hemp
Dessicated Coconut

1 tsp of each of the powders below:
Moringa Leaf
Mulberry Leaf

2 stalks full of Kohl Rabi leaves
7 Blueberries

250ml Almond & Coconut Milk
50ml Cold Saffron Tea


Wash, chop and then steam the Khol Rabi for 1-3 minutes.
Add all ingredients apart from the Tea into a high speed blender.
Blend very well for approximately 2 minutes, you may need to give the blender a rest after 2 minutes, check the smoothie and then re-blend.
Fill a glass up and consume.
After that, add 50ml saffron tea and shake the blender jug making a lighter, very tasty and very frugal second drink.
I always love to do this after making my smoothies as it makes the most of the ingredients used and can be stored in the fridge for later too.

I really hope you love this creamy smoothie, morning, noon or night, as much as I did!



4 thoughts on “The Spicy Friday Smoothie

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      🙂 ❤


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