Globe Artichokes with Summer Green Dip


Delicious? Absolutely! This recipe makes for the perfect starter dish for lovers of good food and it is also really easy to create.
This being the first time I had tried these little beauties from Riverford, I was well impressed with the outcome, such a delicate and graceful way to enjoy veg, just sorry I didn’t get to it sooner!
Nice one Guy 🙂
If you haven’t tried these yet, it’s time to get your veg box on and enjoy the wonders of nature!

2x Organic Globe Artichokes
1x Small plant of Summer Greens
1x Vine Tomato
Approx 75ml Homemade Almond Milk
Dash of Olive Oil

Wash and shake the artichokes, cut away the stalk and remove all the rough, outer leaves.
Boil in a pan for approx 35 minutes.
When the artichokes are ready use the same pan and boil the cabbage and tomato for approx 3 minutes.
Add them to a blender, add all other ingredients and blend for 1 minute.
Serve immediately and enjoy the divine 🙂


The best way to eat this vegetable is to pull off a leaf at a time, dip it in the sauce then gently glide your teeth from the top of the leaf to the bottom and slide out the ‘meaty’ bit! I loved trying them without the sauce first to appreciate both ways. Once you have finished each leaf pile them up and repeat until you get down to the flowery part. Satisfyingly delightful and very tasty!



Congratulations Riverford Organic Farms Veg Box

Well done to Riverford’s Veg Box and all the team for winning The Observer Ethical Award of the Decade 2015!!

Totally deserved. Thank You for providing the UK with such a fabulous service!

We Love You 🙂