Thankful Thursday – Fire, Snow, Commitment & Good Advice

Happy last Thursday of January 2015 All! Oh my goodness did I really just say that…15 years since I was celebrating the Millenium with my Grandma in her old flat in Baverstocks, Alton…15 years! Woah now that is a wake up call that makes me feel a lot older than I am and that makes me grab life by the balls and live it to the full, yes I’m tired yes I’m sloppy at things but yes I am living and loving the moment! I am grateful for my awakening and to see the World in the way I do (when I stop to admire it that is), to be alive and to have lived this long and I am most thankful to the memory of the countdown of 2000 as it truly is one of the earliest I have!

Firstly can I just say a huge THANKYOU to everybody supporting PeaceCrafting. As it can clearly be seen from the content here I haven’t been my usual posting self. I am currently studying a course and working on a second blog – Living Hampshire whilst raising a family and keeping our home together. Although I haven’t been saying much at PeaceCrafting you guys have still proved loyal with your commitment to the work that is, a big shout out to You. Thanks so much. Commitment.


After building an awe some fire at KidsClub today I am very grateful for our community there and for the social skills my children are gaining through attending and interaction. Although we didn’t do the marshmallows on a stick thing the joy came in the uniting of smiles through the creating of a beautiful element. Fire.

The walk home literally had me jumping for joy too!! It snowed (it was snow, not rain) (maybe sleet) yes it did (definitely not rain)! It made me sooo happy! I have been waiting for those magical pieces of art to float down upon us for so long. I am truly grateful and most thankful that I got to be part of it and loved living in the moment embracing the cold sprinkles as they landed all over my face and nestled their way into my hair. It definitely put a spring in my step. It was much colder here today and I know now it wasn’t just because I forgot my scarf!

Mithriluna writes:

“So when a big snowstorm hits New Jersey and there is a state of emergency so everyone has to stay home, I am forced to sit back and enjoy” – part of the Weekly challenge Thankful Thursday by Mithriluna.

This inspired me and I totally get this…so glad we are on the same level. I love how the people get overridden by the weather although it can be very sad to discover what we are actually doing to the natural state of things…it’s not surprising Mother Earth wants to stop everyone in their tracks once in a while! Snow.

I am also majorly grateful for the constant gifts of advice that are oh so beautifully incorporated into my daily life. Knowing how much these teachers care warms my heart and the encouragement is a blessing even if it takes me more than a while to discover, research and follow it. Thank You so very much for your consistency in helping me being a better me! I am eternally grateful for your everything. Good advice.



Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Seriously

An absolutely hilarious post has overridden any serious quote I had lined up for this week and I have to allow it too this time.
Thanks to Dolly for her Curious Catch post and for her quote of:

“Never dumb yourself down to keep a conversation light…Try to talk to someone as if they’ve been your friends for years. I guarantee you your time will be 1001% more fun if you let yourself be yourself, even to a complete stranger.”

Following inspiration from WP commenting guidelines I have decided to incorporate it into a post of my own for this weeks Writer’s Quote Wednesday by Silver Threading.

I couldn’t agree more with Dolly on this point and admire her writing deeply.
ALways express yourself fully as your words will make the more needed impact, I have found that no matter what you say, how you say it, who loves itor who is shocked or offended by it at the time, even if the nostalgic sensation causes you/them to cringe, later on the words sink in and resonate deeply with people bringing more righteous feelings regarding the matter to the surface, thus enabling that gifting to understand the situation clearer and also bringing them to a brighter connection with themselves (whether they ever speak of this or not!) I believe most of the time they get a gut feeling of “oh yeah!”.
Holding back just keeps everything on a level people already know. Say it how it is! Express how you really feel, don’t be rude or cause harm just enlighten the situation by bringing a realistic and fresh perspective to things through speaking your mind truthfully.It is how progression starts, gifting room for minds to expand 🙂


White Mulberry Leaf Superfood Powder

Magic! This green powder is absolutely amazing providing nutrition content high in zinc, calcium and iron. For someone like myself with abnormally high blood sugar just below the threshold for diabetes this discovery is a dream come true, a true life saviour!

I can say from my experience that this powder really does supress that sugar spike that follows a meal. Usually in the morning I will have a type of seeds and almond milk for breakfast loaded with my superfood powders i.e. Moringa, Cacao, Açai etc. and then after eating a more than required amount of food I will crave another 3 bowls and usually go back for more or something else. It is always a feeling I dislike, one that makes me feel like I am not in control like something inside me wants feeding (parasites/candida?) like I am being overridden and often I end up in tears due to my weak-willed lack of control, looking back in disgust wondering what on earth has happened to me, my guts, my head, my skin! Seriously the amount I can eat isn’t healthy and gets me very depressed and that is why I was so filled with joy to find that adding white mulberry leaf powder to my usual breakfast really works at keeping the sweet cravings down. I can honestly say I have easily managed to say no to going back for more the last few mornings and this was before I read the accompanying leaflet!

These ancient trees have almost been hidden from the UK culture today when in fact they have been used as herbal medicine for a long time. The incredible healing powers of the tree produce medicinal leaves and delicious berries ideal for optimum human health.

If you too are looking for a natural way to control your blood sugars I highly recommend this powder. It has been recommended that Mulberry powder can be added to juices, smoothies or tea for easy consumption or baked into cakes and bread. I have found it works well when added raw mixed into my breakfast. I only use about 1g and it has made a huge difference in keeping the cravings at bay.

I cannot tell you how happy I am with the powders immediate effects. It is amazing to finally feel like I have gained a little more control and from such a simple natural method and source. I will definitely be including this green powder regularly into my diet, in moderation of course. Anything (healthy;) to rid myself of the ‘demon’ within!



The most and nearly only love I ever felt never came from a blood relative as most would expect until I had my Sons that is.

The most love I ever felt before becoming ‘Mum’ was from someone I didn’t know yet, my twin flame and through the greatest life force out there, our Creator. My faith in the existence of these Souls has kept me alive through some pretty shitty times over the years and that’s the strongest love I ever felt, strange how it comes from eyes I have never gazed into.

It wasn’t until I had my babies and they grew into their smiles that I felt the most love there was to feel in this world. It is hard to explain although it is a very familiar feeling. When they smile in pure joy or giggle in a blissful state of happiness I feel the most warmth. When they deeply concentrate or complete a task near on effortlessly, that is when I feel most humble. Granted I do squeak a lot in excitement as I watch them grow into themselves and I do hugely exaggerate their everything but that’s where I find most pleasure, in my Boys.

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Thankful Thursday – Gifts of Love

Hi everyone. This week my gratitude goes out to my Friends. The true ones who have consistently been there for me no matter the circumstance and situation. The people that would be there for me in times of need. The ones that understand me. The people that have given me gifts of pure love, laughter, support, knowledge, guidance, wisdom and so much more, time and time again. I am thankful for the gifts of true support for the times when I just can’t see straight or just need someone to be there and for the material gifts showing that my friends are and have been thinking about me. It is very much appreciated and gratefully accepted into my world. THANK YOU X
Without my friends I wouldn’t even know myself. Thank You to our creator, the source for linking me up with such awesome people!

I love the idea that we are strong enough to get through anything alone, it is a splendid and noble notion and one I do practise although my experience has taught me that to really make something of myself I needed true love of God and to be able to find this I needed my dear friends guidance to deliver me into the true beauty of life when I could not see it for myself. A different perspective can really wake you up 😀

Happy Thankful Thursday All.