Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Death

For this weeks quote I decided on song lyrics again. Earlier in the week I shared the video of this song being performed live with you guys as it touched my heart so deeply and the passion in this man’s soul for the song gifts warmth to any listener. I just love a real song about truth! Thanks Leeland 😀 Here is one of the lines that stood out to me.

“The fear of death is the fear of living”, a breathtaking and exceedingly true piece of wisdom from the brilliant song Stardust by the creative artist Leeland James that reminds us that we cannot truly experience life and what it truly gifts until we let go and surrender ti it fully. This is when growth really begins.

Personally I have always thought about death and it has been a long time since it scared me. In fact for a while before I had my children I found afterlife quite exciting and embraced it. I never thought everything would just stop when our bodies decease. Accepting death as part of life, understanding and believing that when it’s our time it’s our time and having the greatest trust in our creator will see us in the right direction and allow us to live more freely.

Life builds up to death. With life being as beautiful as it is just imagine how beautiful the other side is.

I thank the lord for my awakening and for the way I see my children and the World.

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Thank YOU for listening 🙂 Always


Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Effort

We cannot go through life expecting to get something for nothing, hoping the world will hand us our desires. We have to work at life, we have to work for what we want, we have to put time and effort in and really mean it!

This quote is part of a weekly quote challenge by Colleen at Silver Threading, please feel free to join us, it is an enjoyable collective of diverse words by inspiring writers.

DR Sarah Ballantyne also known for her work as The Paleo Mom lends this quote. At the very end of her Autoimmune Protocol post is where these words can be found.
Dr Ballantyne is a brilliant writer and Dr gifting assistance in healthcare to those who seek truly healing care. As well as her impressive website, Sarah has also written three books; The Paleo Approach, The Paleo Approach Cookbook and The Paleo Approach Dinner Club. Details of all three can be found at the above link.

I really enjoyed reading Sarah’s work and book teasers and I am dead set on following the protocol!

Her brilliant and ever truthful quote resonated deeply with me as I can agree from experience with the truth of it. It applies to anything that takes effort and is a motivator to stay active.

Peace & Love to all x

Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Note To Self

“The worst thing anyone can do to themselves is to waste their life away”. by Me

Short, simple and rather salty!

In connection with…Writer’s Quote Wednesday by Silver Threading this is a homegrown quote. I am pretty certain it must have been said before but don’t call the cops about me reusing it from out of space now will You!

I shuddered when briefly reflecting upon certain other influences in my life, what have these people actually done over the last 20years? The answer is something I will never have experience of.

Cherish life and create all you can, explore everything and live it doing all the things you love. Succeeding in what nourishes your soul.

Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Seriously

An absolutely hilarious post has overridden any serious quote I had lined up for this week and I have to allow it too this time.
Thanks to Dolly for her Curious Catch post and for her quote of:

“Never dumb yourself down to keep a conversation light…Try to talk to someone as if they’ve been your friends for years. I guarantee you your time will be 1001% more fun if you let yourself be yourself, even to a complete stranger.”

Following inspiration from WP commenting guidelines I have decided to incorporate it into a post of my own for this weeks Writer’s Quote Wednesday by Silver Threading.

I couldn’t agree more with Dolly on this point and admire her writing deeply.
ALways express yourself fully as your words will make the more needed impact, I have found that no matter what you say, how you say it, who loves itor who is shocked or offended by it at the time, even if the nostalgic sensation causes you/them to cringe, later on the words sink in and resonate deeply with people bringing more righteous feelings regarding the matter to the surface, thus enabling that gifting to understand the situation clearer and also bringing them to a brighter connection with themselves (whether they ever speak of this or not!) I believe most of the time they get a gut feeling of “oh yeah!”.
Holding back just keeps everything on a level people already know. Say it how it is! Express how you really feel, don’t be rude or cause harm just enlighten the situation by bringing a realistic and fresh perspective to things through speaking your mind truthfully.It is how progression starts, gifting room for minds to expand 🙂


Writer’s Quote Wednesday 2015 – 4

Okay so I am really losing track of my days now. Just received a Thursday challenge email and actually convinced myself that it is Wednesday! Definitely time for a hiatus!


This has to be one of my favourite lyric quotes of all time.

Ed has a beautiful voice and his songs are written gifting a powerful impact to the listener.

I believe it is true that our Souls go on and on and are therefore evergreen, the metaphor is most creative and resonates deeply with me as I naturally crave knowledge about the Soul.

You will often hear me singing this quote (and his entire album X) if ever you happen to be near my house (or down the street, on the bus or train, at the park or in the shops) goodness know how the neighbours put up with me!
This song always seems to come on  the radio wherever I am…spooky coincidences, right?

Thanks to Silver Threading for posting such an awesome Weekly Challenge to be able to respond to.

Blessed be all on this springy winter morning.

Writer’s Quote Wednesday 2015 – 3

Weekly Challenge by Silver Threading

This week I thought I was going to use a quote from my book that I am slowly getting through, giving more detail about the origin of the saying compared to other posts, that was the plan until I had one of those moments…(you know those moments?)…that gifted inspiration to use this quote:

our creator

I cannot for the life of me tell you where I first heard such a quote or even in which order the words go, this is how it came out.
Those who have been following my travels through time will know the addiction struggles I have been experiencing and the screaming prayers I have sent to the source aching for help in these difficult times. The hardest thing for me has become knowing what to do but for the life of me not being able to do it! I always pray for guidance to make the changes but it seemed to become physically impossible to lift myself from the rut. I had had enough! I broke down  and begged for God to help me be stronger in saying no and today I was gifted an opportunity like I often am after asking, yet today it was easier for me to say no. I was grateful for this and extremely grateful to be able to recognise when it was happening. God wasn’t going to do it for me, he wanted to see just how much I wanted change. Today I achieved something that seemed impossible yesterday. Blessed.



Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Letting go

This awesome quote will always be applicable in that it can relate to everything you love.

let it go

For this weeks Weekly Challenge – Writer’s Quote Wednesday by Silver Threading I chose some song lyrics that go round and round in my head all the time.
The reason I chose this quote is because I felt a huge surge of happiness this week when I finally got my hand on a pushchair that I have wanted for ages! After trying to get one for a price I could afford a while back I decided that I could not possibly afford one so I just accepted it, let it go and bought one for a tenner.
This week our 9th (approx) pushchair snapped  and the search for an appropriate one lead me back to a Joovy! Again these are pricey even when used but I knew it was the only one that would do so I  put a high bid on one.  Bah! I was outbid already paying more than I would of wanted so I searched again and found one for a complete bargain price! I am so lucky! THANK YOU ❤
Clearly that is the One for me. I couldn’t believe my luck when speaking to the seller and she agreed to the terms I needed. YAY! Awesomely amazing!! I am so happy 🙂
All being well it should be with us Tuesday 🙂
It just goes to show, let it go, if you are meant to have it it will come back.

Love. Peace


Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Living

Wednesday Weekly Photo Challenge by Silver Threading

Yep! It’s true once you grasp a serious hold of life you realise how beautifully painful and challenging living really is.

Life is sweet, glorious and joyful. Life is sharp, deep cutting and harsh. It is a balance and if you tread carefully enough you can rejoice in the true riches of Living.

Once you are opened…there is no escape just embrace.

Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Strength

Weekly Blogging Event by Silver Threading Writer’s Quote Wednesday

It is a fact that not everybody on the Earth is kind and has the World’s best interests at heart, in fact most people are out for themselves which in a way is the idea to a degree although treading on others to get what we want is not a very noble way to go about doing so. Having strength in listening to the voice in our soul will get us where we need always.

“A truly righteous person never provokes war yet he is always prepared for it” – Al Vims

Al is totally right with his quote and I support it fully. I believe history says Oden had his own version of the quote for a raging Thor too.

No matter how kind and loving we are, to truly be able to protect ourselves we must be aware that we could be attacked, mentally or physically at anytime.

I believe that acting the ‘big man’ supporting a cocky ego and looking for trouble / physical bullying / forced unwanted contact causes bad vibes and yields only pain later to come back as humility. Yet I also believe shying away from a little rough and tumble physical fun with friends or family can lead to physical weakness and loss of preparation for our physical world…oh there’s another saying…”You can’t wrap them up in cotton wool forever”…totally understandable regarding a fragile baby to protect its weak frame although if a child is strong enough to climb a tree or go down a slide isn’t it time to let them deal with the pain of falling over without ridiculously over-doing the comforting? This helps them with strength, well that is my experience anyway.
I feel we should never start arguments or any kind of physical war with others, instead to use a higher self to accept and understand the problem and deal with it appropriately without pain. This will then naturally give us strength in difficult confrontational situations.

I also believe in having enough confidence in our own beliefs to stand up for ourselves mentally and to be fit and strong in body to stand up for ourselves physically.

It is like protecting yourself from all angles bringing us inner peace.