Treasure – Photography 101

This morning I woke to the days task and felt blessed. Life is our greatest treasure. Grass to walk on, air to breathe, sun and water to help us grow, our families, our memories, the deep and incomparable warmth resonating within us. Love is treasure. Pure treasure. Better than any doubloons or gems, feeling connected in such a way with something or someone so beautiful is the world’s most priceless treasure.

I was looking for a simple shot to say that treasure is the simple things we often take for granted.
I am blessed and very thankful to be able to see the grass for what it truly is.

Here is my treasure:

The frost on the grass reminded me of the treasure we are blessed with in God, the changing of the seasons reminds us to slow down, listen to life, feel the flow and to dance within it.
The wind whispers treasure to all that listen.


The Golden Key – Blogging 101

Wow. The golden key for me is the key to being me, being free from ego and fear, from all things holding me back from where I need to be. What a magical thing. How I have become so far from my natural state, to becoming hooked on the things I am, is beyond me but no regrets and no use living in the past. Living in the moment and moving forward following my heart in a truly righteous manner is clearly the only option. Oh but the barriers, not to be hidden behind, not hiding, can’t get through? Force isn’t the way so they cant be smashed through. Stillness and a careful ear with the strength and will to follow what is heard, now, that’s the golden key.

A Pop of Colour – Photography 101

I love the idea of this task and actually before I even knew about it the requirements were what I had decided on the day before, hope this still counts 😊

The ‘pop’ of colour comes from the pretty pink flower in the background for without it this photo would be rather neutral in colour. The vibrancy of the true nature of the flower shines through.

Mystery – Photography 101

The mystery is in the eyes of this bird. Why did this little guy choose not to fly away, why did he stay when all others fleeted. Why did he feel comfortable enough to pose for my photos. What makes him different from the others?

His vibes were beautiful and I felt honoured that he knew I meant no harm, that he could sense I wanted to capture his beauty and that he chose to stay. He understood and listened. A spiritual connection is a treasured gift. Thank You to the big man for such divinity.

Landmark – Photography 101

Wow. Now this set of trees are a landmark that reminds me I am home. As soon as I see the tips from afar I know where I am. To wake to the last falling leaves and to only see trees in motion in a clear blue sunny sky is like fruit to my soul. Love those trees. So glad they stayed.

I have gone a little wild with this task and I have taken a night shot and used the enhance button to edit the photograph. Hope its ok.

Solitude – Photography 101

Hey. Sorry I am late again, well at least there’s one thing I am good at! Always the downfalls that carry consistency right?
Anyways forgive the delay here is my assignment for the solitude photography task 😊

I chose the lone Spider out the front as she seemed perfect for the job. Once surrounded by friends, this girl is now all alone in the garden. She stayed though and she stayed strong no matter what hit the web.

Solitude to me is not so much the act of being alone for you can be surrounded by beings and still feel extremely alone.
Solitude is taking the time out to delve deep within yourself and the universe to discover all you need to know, to find the answers you seek, to know wholeness and understand serenity and peace.
Through solitude we learn to know and love ourselves fully, to make the best version of ourselves come alive, thus enabling us to connect truly with others in the way we are meant to. We learn of the great stillness and allow the energy of life to channel through us in its truest flow.

Dream Reader – Blogging 101

Day 4 of the Blogging U Blogging 101 course.

Today’s Assignment: publish a post for your dream reader, and include a new-to-you element in it.

The dream reader, wow, that’s simple, they would understand everything about everything you do, why you do it and the results, even more than you know, listening with a kind heart and commenting honestly gifting appreciated truths, constantly amazing you. They give you what you need through love,


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