Who lives in the Woods? An Educational Nature Day

Lets go find out who’s under that log! Snacks and water bottles packed. The children loved the idea of gearing up the trike and setting off for the woods to discover what creatures we could find!
Gliding down the path, sides alive with trees we make it to the mini forest. Wow! What will we find?
We carefully lifted up our first log, placing it down with care and underneath was a family of four brown Slugs snuggling together and two separate orange Slugs near by. Also under this log we found a few fast woodlice crawling about. To the side of our first log we found an empty Snail shell. Snails are a favourite friend in our house and learning about why we found a shell with nobody inside gave further understanding of the beautiful species.
A lot of critters made a move for it when we lifted the log. We studied what we had and replaced the log gently. There wasn’t much under the next log we lifted although after we put it back we identified some moss growing over and encasing a stone. We identified that the stone is a non living factor (abiotic) in the eco system and that the moss is a living factor (biotic). We also found some feathers and the children enjoyed the shades and textures.
We then looked at bark from a fell tree and learned why it had been cut down. We also learnt not to hit the living trees and that the deadwood is better for making sounds with sticks. We created some drumming noises on the sleeping tree and gave a big hug to the living one. With the sticks we already had, we gathered up some more and played a counting game with them. There was lots to collect and pile up. Numbers in nature.
Moving along the trail we encountered a captivating arch of Ivy that had wrapped itself over a bending tree. As we approached it my Son found there was a Blackberry bush next to it. My children love berries especially ones they can pick for themselves and luckily enough they could reach the good ones. After this we stopped at a huge sleeping tree and perched upon its comfy surface for a bite to eat.
When we had finished eating we cleaned up and moved off in the direction of the connecting field. Through the woods we saw some more trees, we found some that were odd shapes and also some that we noted as very tall trees compared to the rest.
We payed attention to the parts of the trees and that leaves and branches sway with the wind.
Upon reaching the field the next thing we discovered was an old favourite in Dandelion clocks, the children enjoyed blowing the seeds into the wind so they can grow into flowers.
There are so many things to learn about on a trip to the woods if you approach with care, respect and love, stopping to take in the beauty of all that is.