Autumn Leaves on a Summer Sunday


An Outdoor / Indoor Children’s activity

Equipment: Leaves, Paper and Drawing colours.

Get set out into Nature and discover the wonder of leaves, collect many inspiring leaves, get out your favourite colouring / drawing pens and pencils and draw your own leaves on paper.
Place the leaf under the paper and trace over the beautiful structure to grab ever detail or press the leaf on the top of the paper and follow the outline around the edges then fill in the rest studying the leaf as you go.

As Summer fades and Autumn graces us we are shown the true beauty of the colours in our lives. Through the changing leaves we feel Autumn’s approach.

A friend gifted the idea of a leaf drawing activity that sounded like a fabulous idea.
Boys set to go, we headed out the back to the peaceful walk way, along which we found various eye catching leaves. My children are still very young and at first did not quite understand why Mummy kept stopping and picking up bits of nature. After a few stops my youngest jumped off the trike, picked up some leaves and placed them in the pot then he helped me close the lid (so sweet!) and hopped back onto the back of the trike. We then came to our little woodsy area where we admired the trees and their amazing heights. Here we found more beautiful leaves, some fluffy little feathers and some cool looking rocks which we gathered and added to our collection.

Leaving the woods we crossed the basketball courts and playing fields and released some energy in the park. After loads of spinning and giggles with the other children there we headed over to the skate park and swapped rides with the bigger kids and had fun racing the ramps and trying new tricks.
I was approached by a young boy; let’s call him Harry for namesake, who brought to me a leather bracelet he had found, it had a sharks tooth on it and I told him it was lucky and he was blessed to have found it, he said he wanted to keep it so I asked him to look after it and as it was broken I offered to help him make something else from it. He chose the pieces he wanted to keep and we rearranged it to make a new style bracelet, we tied it on his wrist and he felt super-awesome to have a shark tooth!

The boys continued playing and I had a little time to research the background of Vinegar which did prove very interesting. After a second time in the park then some yummy figs, I realised that time really does fly when you’re having fun and bidding farewell to the other children we headed home for lunch where we put up our nature collection and enjoyed ‘Green Banana’ spread recipe on our brown rice loaf which went splendidly with the Quinoa freshly made earlier in the morning.

Later in the afternoon I set up an area for the leaf art, had a little practise for myself and encouraged the children to see what magic can be created with the leaves we had gathered.
Unfortunately the eldest one was not all that impressed by the ‘leaf drawing’ plan for the day and when it came to the drawing he really was not feeling it, perhaps it was as we ran late for lunch and should have attempted it as soon as we got back, although I will say he didn’t collect a single leaf 😦 who knows…we all have bad days, right? Nevertheless I proceeded in demonstrating how to trace over the leaves, they did both have a go and could see the results. We then drew around the leaves and Mummy began drawing and colouring a leaf to which my youngest bobbed his way in and took over that plan!