Thankful Thursday – Kindness

This week I am deeply grateful for the kindness I possess. The kindness I am able to show others. The ability to aid those in need and be kind to all.

Kindness costs nothing, spread that stuff everywhere.

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Thankful Thursday – “Me Time”

This week I too am grateful for the little things as prompted by Mithriluna in this weeks Thankful Thursday challenge. The abundance of little signs from nature reassuring me that no matter what anyone says or thinks, surrendering and following the will of God is the right thing to do. The little things my children do and say make my heart blossom with the richest warmth of joy and nothing on Earth could touch the love these little momrnts create. I am thankful to be a part of such an offering of love to the universe. The little things my Friends do to let me know they are there for me, I will always show my gratitude for and I am thankful that I can be there for them whenever I can be. I love yo know I can help hes someone if ever they need and I am thankful for this, may this continue.

I am also massively grateful for my ‘me time’. I may only get a very small amount of time to chill myself but it is precious and sorely missed when things are beyond me. I cherish the moments of peace with love and it would appear I need to be more thankful for the time I do get to myself. Since having my boys, moving up the country and living as a single mother for nearly two years, really brings a new light to “pulling my hair out”. AAAAND BREATHE! I love my children so dearly and really enjoy their company, I do not wish for them to see me when I am having a ‘bad day’. Their faces fill with a sadness that churns my guts with sickness. Let me gracefully accept everything I am given and let me deal with and overcome the low times better for the sake of my family.

 I am a very sensitive person and really like my space. It is hard for me to get relaxing time to myself as I righteously home educate my children as well as healthily home-make, write for Peace and battle chronic depression, stress, anxiety, fatigue and digestive disorders all in a great big cloud of worldly melancholy but I am doing it, and I m getting better in the long run. I know the hardship will not ease until I drastically improve more than to a satisfactory level. Others may get away with that but it is not the case for me! I will admit it can all seem a little too much when it gets to that time of the moon and I do crave a break of long stillness (and a change of scenery) to feel serenity. The fact I don’t get the break I crave and things seemingly just get harder to deal with, says to me that I need to show more gratitude for the time I do get to relax and be kind to myself as these times are evidently precious and are deeply missed when life is without them. It also says to me that I must find serenity deep within especially in the hardest of moments to further strengthen myself to the best I can be. It is just part of the work! My mind’s worry can be torturous and breaking the machine of man is a challenge to say the least. I feel the will is coming and that these hardships are tests I must pass to advance in life to be able to leave a better life for my children.

Wow what a week, topped off with another superb Friday 13th. I’m not a superstition fearing person at all, I think seeing one magpie us a good sign and rabbits tails are much nicer and more useful kept on the rabbit (although I did find one over the common once and kept it), yet everytime it comes to a ‘Friday 13th’ and I am positive about it, it has evidently become apparent that, strangely enough, every single time something bad does indeed happen! Today was very hard and has lead to a string of drastically measured thoughts which are heading towards major changes of action. I thank God for my being able to live a free life when I can. I pray to be able to raise my own children not work for money to be able to pay someone else to do it, anybody can see that is ludicrous! I mean come on, really, slug my guts out to pay and watch someone else bring up my boys? No darn way! That is some twisted crap. These are God’s children gifted to me to look after and I thank God for the time I get to teach them and be in their presence and for the time I get alone to teach myself to therefore be a better teacher to my children. Thank You to my creator for every truth and the knowledge I am gaining and for enabling me to raise my own children. A wise man never goes after war but is always prepared for it. Let the battle dissolve or commence. Embracing the one.

Thank You to all who read this. May your lives be filled with an abundance of beauty 🙂

Thankful Thursday – Movement

Wow, I really need a vacation! So much of one place and routine with no real break can drive a person crazy!…Is what I have discovered over the last year.

I am deeply thankful for our home and the good health my boys and I do have and for the nature that is surrounding our settlement although I cant help but feel as people we need to be moving more, seeing more of the world. I cannot make this happen anymore than I am trying to right now, I feel something strange has happened along the way in western humanity and its current culture that somewhat prevents travelling by foot here.
Today, after running either way to reach desired destinations I am so very thankful for my legs! For all my limbs and my skeleton, my nerves and well for my entire body I am deeply grateful as without it all I would literally be getting nowhere!! 😀

In association with the beautiful weekly challenge Thankful Thursday by Mirthiluna
Thank You

Thankful Thursday – Fire, Snow, Commitment & Good Advice

Happy last Thursday of January 2015 All! Oh my goodness did I really just say that…15 years since I was celebrating the Millenium with my Grandma in her old flat in Baverstocks, Alton…15 years! Woah now that is a wake up call that makes me feel a lot older than I am and that makes me grab life by the balls and live it to the full, yes I’m tired yes I’m sloppy at things but yes I am living and loving the moment! I am grateful for my awakening and to see the World in the way I do (when I stop to admire it that is), to be alive and to have lived this long and I am most thankful to the memory of the countdown of 2000 as it truly is one of the earliest I have!

Firstly can I just say a huge THANKYOU to everybody supporting PeaceCrafting. As it can clearly be seen from the content here I haven’t been my usual posting self. I am currently studying a course and working on a second blog – Living Hampshire whilst raising a family and keeping our home together. Although I haven’t been saying much at PeaceCrafting you guys have still proved loyal with your commitment to the work that is, a big shout out to You. Thanks so much. Commitment.


After building an awe some fire at KidsClub today I am very grateful for our community there and for the social skills my children are gaining through attending and interaction. Although we didn’t do the marshmallows on a stick thing the joy came in the uniting of smiles through the creating of a beautiful element. Fire.

The walk home literally had me jumping for joy too!! It snowed (it was snow, not rain) (maybe sleet) yes it did (definitely not rain)! It made me sooo happy! I have been waiting for those magical pieces of art to float down upon us for so long. I am truly grateful and most thankful that I got to be part of it and loved living in the moment embracing the cold sprinkles as they landed all over my face and nestled their way into my hair. It definitely put a spring in my step. It was much colder here today and I know now it wasn’t just because I forgot my scarf!

Mithriluna writes:

“So when a big snowstorm hits New Jersey and there is a state of emergency so everyone has to stay home, I am forced to sit back and enjoy” – part of the Weekly challenge Thankful Thursday by Mithriluna.

This inspired me and I totally get this…so glad we are on the same level. I love how the people get overridden by the weather although it can be very sad to discover what we are actually doing to the natural state of things…it’s not surprising Mother Earth wants to stop everyone in their tracks once in a while! Snow.

I am also majorly grateful for the constant gifts of advice that are oh so beautifully incorporated into my daily life. Knowing how much these teachers care warms my heart and the encouragement is a blessing even if it takes me more than a while to discover, research and follow it. Thank You so very much for your consistency in helping me being a better me! I am eternally grateful for your everything. Good advice.


Thankful Thursday – Gifts of Love

Hi everyone. This week my gratitude goes out to my Friends. The true ones who have consistently been there for me no matter the circumstance and situation. The people that would be there for me in times of need. The ones that understand me. The people that have given me gifts of pure love, laughter, support, knowledge, guidance, wisdom and so much more, time and time again. I am thankful for the gifts of true support for the times when I just can’t see straight or just need someone to be there and for the material gifts showing that my friends are and have been thinking about me. It is very much appreciated and gratefully accepted into my world. THANK YOU X
Without my friends I wouldn’t even know myself. Thank You to our creator, the source for linking me up with such awesome people!

I love the idea that we are strong enough to get through anything alone, it is a splendid and noble notion and one I do practise although my experience has taught me that to really make something of myself I needed true love of God and to be able to find this I needed my dear friends guidance to deliver me into the true beauty of life when I could not see it for myself. A different perspective can really wake you up 😀

Happy Thankful Thursday All.

Thankful Thursday – Temptation

After a really focused week last week I seem to have yet again fallen capture to the demonic notions within me! It is really hard for me to say ‘NO’ to the things getting in my way, these certain temptations play the wickedest tricks with my vulnerable mind and I just cannot seem to beat them. One would think if a person can kick tobacco in thee a*** after 13 years then gluttony would be a doddle! It happens that this overlooked addiction is my worst downfall and seemingly the root of my unhappiness and the ugliness that comes from the dislike I have for myself at these harsh times! Huge urrrgh! Nevertheless!…I am here today, I am thankful to be alive and I want to express my gratitude for being able to see where I am going wrong instead of just obliviously living in ignorant bliss with an ego as my best pal! I am thankful to know what I need to do even if I just can’t be the strength to achieve it.

Thankful Thursday – Calm

Today I am thankful for the hectic times so I can truly appreciate the calm as without those moments I wouldn’t know how blissful calm is. I am extremely grateful for the calm times and the occasional early night!

Sometimes it just gets too much and even Mummy needs a time-out.

My eldest Boy has some anxiety problems which started at a very young age and it is hard for me to understand him sometimes when he gets in a worried muddle. When he is calm he is the most loving, gentle and beautiful boy I have ever met and after a blow out the calmness is more deeply embraced. I often struggle to deal with the situation appropriately due to the interference of my thinking about disliking myself for allowing such feelings to be put into him. I know we will continue to go around in circles until I change my approach. I believe we will come to a peaceful ideal one day.

My younger Son is slightly more on the boisterous side and I sometimes feel we should have called him Taz (as suggested by his cousin) (No I do not allow them to watch the programme) as he really can whip up a storm in the house, especially in the kitchen! These times are surely just a test for my reaction to which I keep failing! I thank The Almighty for the opportunity to improve my self and ask forgiveness for not handling it all better! When my little one is calm he can be most polite and extremely caring.

Tonight we all shared a time-out together and spent time united in calm, this I am grateful for.

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Thankful Thursday – Light of Life

Today I feel thankful for all my blessings as I do each morning that I awake. Today I feel very blessed and grateful to have the Sunshine beaming into my kitchen. It is a pure reminder that I am alive and if the true beauty of life and the real warmth of God. A sweet touch to help me embrace life.
I have never seen it so sunny this time of year and it is truly beautiful (with an underlying thought of “maybe it shouldn’t be this hot in winter, what’s happened?”). I love rising to a sun lit day.

Today I opened the doors and after slipping off my slippers I earthed myself in the tiniest patch of Sunny grass where my baby Rosemary is making her home and I prayed. I prayed for humanity to wake up and for the self destruction to cease, for needless hunger and homelessness to end. I apologised for the people’s ignorance and greed. I gave thanks for this beautiful day and held my face to the Sun with hope we can all see the light of respect needed for each other and our beautiful planet. All One.

 Love & Light x


Thankful Thursday – Strength

Today I am thankful for my harsh upbringing!
Being brought up in the way I had been was far from kind and loving but it has made me confident and tough, outgoing and decisive.
I now know life is about strength in other ways as apposed to the physical type, strength of the mind in being supple. Although I believe these things I still believe there is much fun to be had and endurance skills learned from a bit of ‘rough and tumble’! When I was a kid I used to play fight with my sister and friends, family members would playfully throw us about and ferociously tickle the heck out of us in soft play and we had a great laugh! Before I was born my Father was a boxer in the army as were many other people I knew. As I grew up my friends and I through our school years would ‘spar’ and arm wrestle, play 2p knuckles, dead arm competitions, birthday bumps etc this was the norm to us and it was fun! I have danced at many parties with my head in the speakers, ears blasted off my head and bumping about into my friends, pushing each other in the bass and smiling, having a laugh! No harm done and in fact if there were ever the need or want to go on a heavy endurance course or to climb a mountain then I would feel ok about it as I grew up being bumped up trees, falling out of them, getting up and trying again! Heck if I ever needed to defend myself from an attacker then I am a little more prepared than some who think a tap on the arm is something to cry about! I mean seriously how are these people going to cope when someone knocks into them and doesn’t apologise?
A truly righteous person never provokes war yet is always prepared for it as I said yesterday in this week’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday. There are many mean people out there and there are also many boisterous yet friendly people too and I am just grateful my eyes have been opened to that side of life as it has made me more susceptible to real world.

Thankful Thursday – Truths

This blogging idea of posting gratitude on WP weekly has not only taught me to appreciate my blessings more, it has shown how quickly time flies by and reminded me just how much I need to stop, breathe slowly and listen.

Until more recent times I never had any real, intelligent, decent people as an influence to me and until this week I didn’t realise how screwed up some people that I have always been close to actually are, how lost they have become. I never really understood the depth of ignorance, as I was somewhat swimming in it with them for most if my life, the compliance to that which they know nothing about, to me is pure absurdity, I mean wake up and make your own decisions, grow, live your life for you doing what you are really passionate about. But no, I just get shrugged off as mad. It is so sad, such a pitiful level, one that I will not live by or lower myself to no matter how many bodies are shed from me or how physically alone I am. I now see a deep lack of care and a high state of confusion, a craving for anger, the inabilities to listen and understand. Surely if you love some one you appreciate their decisions and support them even if you don’t agree with them. I am thankful for the very few people that do feel me in this way. That is true love. A true blessing.

A lot of my youth was spent in troubles. No one had any depth regarding love and all were led by ego driving them to lose touch with their soul. For sometime I have noticed how people’s inner voice is screaming at them to Be yet all they act upon is their ego and what everybody else thinks, from this comes no creativity or advancement whatsoever just another 20 years wasted or good friends thrown out. It is a really sad thing but one I am thankful for as it has enabled me to have such a strong example of what not to be, one that I used to propel into enlightenment where love is more than abundant. Love is everything and our everything can be love if we only open our mind’s eye to the truly breathtaking World we have to reside in and to the enormous beauty of the infinite space that our souls will always be a part of.

I am deeply thankful (no matter how hard it seems) to finally see the truth in the things I need to and to have eliminated the toxic minds from contaminating my energy. I am thankful for the way I feel things, the way I think regardless of how funky or different it may appear to others. I am thankful for my rude, yet gentle, awakening and for the freedom of my mind that I have. I am thankful for the life I have been gifted and I am thankful to be able to see the light and the World for what it is. Mother Earth is precious and I do not wish to get away from life, despite my screams, just to merely be rid of the polluted people that sail through her soiling her with guile, distrust and insincerity.

 I am thankful for all of my blessings and for the people who do show me unconditional Love.

Thank YOU