Thankful Thursday – Strength

Today I am thankful for my harsh upbringing!
Being brought up in the way I had been was far from kind and loving but it has made me confident and tough, outgoing and decisive.
I now know life is about strength in other ways as apposed to the physical type, strength of the mind in being supple. Although I believe these things I still believe there is much fun to be had and endurance skills learned from a bit of ‘rough and tumble’! When I was a kid I used to play fight with my sister and friends, family members would playfully throw us about and ferociously tickle the heck out of us in soft play and we had a great laugh! Before I was born my Father was a boxer in the army as were many other people I knew. As I grew up my friends and I through our school years would ‘spar’ and arm wrestle, play 2p knuckles, dead arm competitions, birthday bumps etc this was the norm to us and it was fun! I have danced at many parties with my head in the speakers, ears blasted off my head and bumping about into my friends, pushing each other in the bass and smiling, having a laugh! No harm done and in fact if there were ever the need or want to go on a heavy endurance course or to climb a mountain then I would feel ok about it as I grew up being bumped up trees, falling out of them, getting up and trying again! Heck if I ever needed to defend myself from an attacker then I am a little more prepared than some who think a tap on the arm is something to cry about! I mean seriously how are these people going to cope when someone knocks into them and doesn’t apologise?
A truly righteous person never provokes war yet is always prepared for it as I said yesterday in this week’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday. There are many mean people out there and there are also many boisterous yet friendly people too and I am just grateful my eyes have been opened to that side of life as it has made me more susceptible to real world.