Swarm – Photography 101!

I didn’t have much time to really observe the image in my photo for too long as this ‘swarm’ was moving a little too fast! Nevertheless I am happy with what I did get. I’m hoping my abiotic swarm still counts 😊

I am still running behind but I’m also still very determine to do this! I don’t have the monochrome b&w settings on my phone it seems so that one has been delayed but I will have been a warrior this weekend 😁

As I wiped the cobwebs from the leaf etched glass windows I suddenly saw my photo101 for this weeks’ task! Yay! I did wonder if it was going to be possible to capture a shot for this especially since I was so blessed earlier in the week to see the Red kites…and…it was definitely possible to see more.

Whilst waiting for my phone to load I remembered I was half way through cleaning the windows, I hopped back up on the side of the bath and kept going. As soon as I stood up a flurry of birds flew gracefully in the wind above me!

I always feel blessed to have groups of birds flutter above and around and don’t even get me started on the bees! I am just a crazy nature woman who believes it is good luck when insects land on you.

Back to the initial capture;
It rose in the sky and captured my Eye, in the moment I was taken by the beauty of it all.
The beautiful mess pierced the clouded sky.
Quick get the camera before it goes by.
Nostalgic and awakened I took my aim.
It didn’t stay around for long.

Here are my Swarm photos: