Chocolate Cherry & Strawberry Sanctuary Dipped Delight – Chocolate Fruit


Chocolate Cherry & Strawberry Sanctuary Dipped Delight – Chocolate Fruit

It’s not complex, it’s just a great idea!
In addition to the Raw Organic Chocolate making post that I recently wrote, I would love to share just how delicious Raw Cacao tastes with fresh Fruits.
I absolutely adore my new found love for real chocolate and simply cannot think of a fruit I do not like so putting the two together is just splendid!
After making the chocolate I simply dipped the fruit into the mix before allowing it to set and placed the fruit on a plate. Granted, this is not the most effective or best way to do them as I found out in the process but what the hell it tastes too good for worries the first time round so just enjoy however they turn out!

I would recommend dipping the fruit into the cacao mix as soon as it is ready so it’s still as molten as possible, then with a spatula round off the bottom for more aesthetic pleasure and for a smoother glide on ones tongue.
I would also recommend sitting the fruits upside down once coated so the chocolate doesn’t stick to the plate and dry in a funny form (unless that’s what you are going for of course).
Leave it to set in the fridge for around 15-30 minutes and voila there you have the most mouth wateringly sweet juicy fruits enriched with added scrummy healthiness.

On this occasion I used Strawberries and Cherries but literally any fruit will be uplifted by this technique! If you want to use large fruits for snack purposes I would advise chopping them into bite size chunks before dipping.
Both fresh fruits and raw Cacao are exceedingly good for our health boosting it to optimum levels with effects you can feel almost instantly. This dish is great for snacking, especially great for guests and is just delightful as a pudding for the whole family after a hearty meal.
If you’re feeling super creative and have enough food why not try these ingredients + whatever else takes your fancy in the blender for smoothie making time?! Let me know how that goes as, although I am extremely keen on  the idea of smoothies (especially green choc ones), I am still yet to experiment along that path. Maybe this week I’ll do granola bars and smoothies, who knows what will come. Living in the now.



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