Every Day is Earth Day

Be part of the global optimism. What a beautiful idea.

Planting a seed in collectiveness – what will you be planting? Doing something green – what are your ideas?

The Maple Tree from last year is now unfurling her leaves into the winds of Spring finally.


We also have have the front garden covered with sprouting Crimson Clover.



Today the boys and I will be planting the Echinacea we were given at the end of last Summer, we are going to put the seeds in pots inside the home until they are ready to be moved into the garden towards the beginning of June!

Just imagine if everyone did plant something together today! This is a genius plan. Let’s make it happen.

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Clean up on the History of Earth Day!

Whatever you choose to do I hope you enjoy your day.

Happiness and well-being from PeaceCrafting 😀


Feed The Bees


This week I was moved enough to finally take the plunge into organic gardening. It may not look much or be done to gardener’s perfection but it means a lot to me. Out came the spade and reclaimed wood.


With the rapid decline in Bees continually rising it would be wise for us all to do everything we can (or at least something) to help stop the crisis.
This week I managed to find some awesomely priced seeds from a Southern retailer.

I chose Crimson Clover.

Bees love clover, I love Bees so the front garden is now dedicated to keeping the buzzies happy.


I hope the soil can drain adequately and that I mixed it up right. It will be joyous time to see some flowers growing in one of our gardens.


Super Scrumptious Shredded Lunch – Kohl Rabi, Beetroot & Apple re-creation

IMG3388ASuper indeed, packed with nutrition, I just loved being creative on this one, very satisfying!

Again, yep, I did, I made way too much food for us so some was left over and obviously being too good to waste, the salad from the dinner was stored as Mom’s lunch for the following day.

I hadn’t really put much thought into spicing up the previous nights dish with additional flavours and textures as it was so delicious the way it was that it nearly got eaten before I suddenly realised how delicious and even more healthy this would be with a few sprinkles of added magic from the cupboard.

Basically you can make your very own, adding whatever you love or have in the pantry.

First I started with adding Moringa Leaf Powder as its like pure life or something and I love the idea of getting that inside me, then came the Chia seed, Pumpkin seeds and gourmet seed mix oh yes they rock and then the dish nearly got eaten again before I had the urge for a bit more crunch so out came the powerhouse bread crumbs and pow, omgoodness, very very very tasty.


No skimping on lunch time here!