Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Effort

We cannot go through life expecting to get something for nothing, hoping the world will hand us our desires. We have to work at life, we have to work for what we want, we have to put time and effort in and really mean it!

This quote is part of a weekly quote challenge by Colleen at Silver Threading, please feel free to join us, it is an enjoyable collective of diverse words by inspiring writers.

DR Sarah Ballantyne also known for her work as The Paleo Mom lends this quote. At the very end of her Autoimmune Protocol post is where these words can be found.
Dr Ballantyne is a brilliant writer and Dr gifting assistance in healthcare to those who seek truly healing care. As well as her impressive website, Sarah has also written three books; The Paleo Approach, The Paleo Approach Cookbook and The Paleo Approach Dinner Club. Details of all three can be found at the above link.

I really enjoyed reading Sarah’s work and book teasers and I am dead set on following the protocol!

Her brilliant and ever truthful quote resonated deeply with me as I can agree from experience with the truth of it. It applies to anything that takes effort and is a motivator to stay active.

Peace & Love to all x