Landscape – Photography 101

Woah talk about better late than never and I really should be in bed right now but I finally got my shot for the Landscape assignment and amazingly it was taken on a moving bus 😀 I have already done the blogging 101 assignment for this week so I want to get this one done before I drift off.


It is not often I get to appreciate such open scale land as this so when the green caught my eye (moving bus or not) determination was determined the get this shot, albeit a little blurry. I still got one I feel is worthy! Ahh how I would of loved to of got off the bus and just wandered to the gathering of trees in the distance, you know maybe I will another time.

After a little help from the amazing WP team I worked out the cropping situation and sniped out the distracting white stuff from the photo.
I much prefer it now.


Architecture – Photography 101

Here is my photo for the Architecture task.
I struggled to see many great examples for this one and thought this church looked pretty. I also admired the local bandstand which had a more appealing background.
Unfortunately I do not have the monochrome / black and white option on my phone so I had to wait a while to be able to edit the photo after taking it.
Architecture isn’t one of my favourite subjects to capture right now, I think this is due to the lack of beauty in it around me. If I was to be in a handsome place with fine buildings I am sure I would love photographing it more. I enjoyed the challenge and the change.




Solitude – Photography 101

Hey. Sorry I am late again, well at least there’s one thing I am good at! Always the downfalls that carry consistency right?
Anyways forgive the delay here is my assignment for the solitude photography task 😊

I chose the lone Spider out the front as she seemed perfect for the job. Once surrounded by friends, this girl is now all alone in the garden. She stayed though and she stayed strong no matter what hit the web.

Solitude to me is not so much the act of being alone for you can be surrounded by beings and still feel extremely alone.
Solitude is taking the time out to delve deep within yourself and the universe to discover all you need to know, to find the answers you seek, to know wholeness and understand serenity and peace.
Through solitude we learn to know and love ourselves fully, to make the best version of ourselves come alive, thus enabling us to connect truly with others in the way we are meant to. We learn of the great stillness and allow the energy of life to channel through us in its truest flow.