Naturally crafted room scents

A while ago I wanted to get crafty with scenting my home. I crafted these beautiful room scents that still smell amazing today. I was out and about with my children when I discovered some tree bark and was inspired to make something beautiful with it.
I took some home and had a think about what I could make.

I always crave a lush smelling house and for ages I had longed for something to make the rooms pleasantly scented as well as be aesthetically pleasing. My friend had gifted ne some lavender and I used this for the design base and fragrance.
I took out the collected bark and added glue to the areas I required it. After doing so I added the lavender into place. From there I removed some crystals from an amethyst and a peridot tree that I had.
Once I was happy with the design I took some of the nag champa incense dust I had been collecting and sprinkled it over the top and left it to set. Before I knew it I had crafted what my house was in need of and was more than happy with the results. I made a few similar pieces using different sized and shaped bark and gave most of them away as gifts.

To keep these ornaments well scented with an extra boost, like potpourri, essential oil drops can be added now and then. The oil soaks into the dried flowers and wood and gives a delightful aroma to any room.
This kind of crafting sparks off inspiration to do much larger pieces of art work for ornamental purpose by using these kinds of resources. The possibilities are endless!

Crafting pieces for your own home allows you to build up good, positive energy that you can feel more intensely in the areas of placement. For the first time in my life my dear sister actually said she could feel good vibes, positive energy and love within my home! I was overjoyed, finally I realised I am getting there. My home is indeed filled with so much love bursting from the seams and creating little ornaments is a great way to control and channel that love in a productive way.
Now time to make some more homemade glue 😊