SoCS – Love / Opposites

For me, Love has become everything and the word definitely deserves a capital letter.

I have a very caring nature and always try to do everything with kind intentions. I feel it much, much easier to give to others, people I never met and don’t know tan to give to myself. I’m guessing in the depths it stems from the way I was raised, never taught to have any self respect and boy am I struggling for that.

Over the last few years I have reigned myself right in and have actually become a very good girl indeed! I used to be a right trouble maker and a floozy to say the least, not realising what I was yielding and not actually being aware of wtf I was even doing.

I have learned, although still finding it difficult to put into practice, that one must master self respect before they can actually be of any significant help to others. This I am still finding it difficult to do.

I guess in a way making others happy makes me happy too.

The opposite of giving love to everyone is taking love for myself, from myself and I am realising how slack I am in self compassion on so many levels. Nevertheless I can see the progress I have made and have high optimism for the rest and for that I am thankful and blessed to be alive.

In regards to Linda’s words I also love and enjoy being ‘different’ and see it not so much as being different, more being awake and in tune with life which I think is not only the key but is bloomin awesome!

Goodnight & Peace.

Love to all (inc Me) 🙂


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