Grape Abundance

How awesome! On our travels to the park I gazed over to the beautiful house with the glorious driveway that I adore and to my amazement the gentleman owner was starting there arched over at the back of his car loading up crates of his homegrown grapes. For ages I had walked past in awe of the abundance of grapes growing, draping abundantly over the driveway but I never approached the front door to enquire about them. This stunningly sunny afternoon, as the owner was there to ask and seeing as he had just picked and was about to cart off the grapes, I made the decision to ask if he would kindly sell us some. I only had a £1 in change from the shop so I didn’t expect to receive many. He handed me a few bunches which was more than enough. I put them in a baggie and was telling him how much I always admired the driveway and the house, I got ready to walk off and he kept handing me bunches! All in all I would say he gave me at least around £10 worth of grapes (looking at what I get in my organic delivery) I was over-joyed and so thankful! I blessed the kind Sir and set off for the park. I was smiling ear to ear, still so happy now, so glad I didn’t spend the £1 at the shop. Pictured are the grapes that were left after the boys and I munched a bunch each! Loads! Won’t shake this smile for a while! Beautiful.

Buying local is such a pleasure and is the most eco-friendly option overall. You have the guarantee of knowing exactly where they come from and there are no fuels or vehicles used in the process. Buying from the neighbours is a true blessing, one that I am very grateful for and one I certainly will not forget. If you get the chance to buy off your neighbours I would highly recommend plucking up the courage to ask, you may just get more than you bargained for!