PeaceCrafting The Home

Once upon a browse it was suggested by Yuliya from Tiny Expats to write a guest post on work life and children. I can sure tell one or two things about work and kids, creating, playing, writing, reading, yoga, cooking, cleaning, shopping, home educating, gardening, meeting friends, meeting family, social gatherings, crafting, caring for elders, working out, being places on time and holding onto peace all the while!

My work life is my entire life, my children, our home and everything else that comes into my path is the work gifted to me by our Creator. Life is work and I feel to be successful, a self sustainable lifestyle is best. To be able to provide yourself with all your basic requirements is a tall order in this day and age and even so, it is totally possible and seemingly this is the most righteous decision. Providing you have enough to trade for the materials to begin with of course.

After falling pregnant and birthing my two Sons, becoming a refugee escaping violence, harmful drugs and egotism, and then beginning homeschooling as a single parent, it became clear just how much work you have to put into life to achieve the things you feel are most noble.
I rarely get a break so I am very grateful when I do. All around me, my friend’s partners or parents are there to physically support them, I unfortunately do not have this benefit and so I struggle to get time to myself. I do not mean to sound ungrateful as every moment with my children is a precious gift and for that I am extremely grateful. I am also so grateful that I got my children to safety and we pulled through a nightmare life, so grateful my children are alive and that I have a home with a garden (two actually!) to raise them in, so grateful I have enough head about me to see sense in raising them in the healthiest ways, so grateful for the beauty I see in life and for the beautiful people around me that I learn from and this is what keeps me going through the tribulations. It is down to me to persevere in making the time for myself to do the things that keep me ‘me’, my life is mine to balance and I believe I can master it so I will.

I am prepared to never get a break if it means my children can thrive, although ironically they seem to thrive more when I am at peace and I can only be at peace more with a healthy moderate balance in my diet, sleep and ‘me time’, taking care of my mind, body and soul. Through Love.

I practice yoga for balance, flexibility, calm and stillness and this I really need to do as I am appalling with stress and time management, I am always late and rushing about to get the kids where we need to be and I could also do with being a little more bendy so meditation is my key to slowing down!
Yoga first thing in the morning is delightful, calming, refreshing and balancing but when it falls a little later than planned and is a Pilates combo, it takes a strong will to stay meditation orientated whilst a dinosaur crazed roaring 3 year old is bouncing about your back in downward dog (has been done though!) And breathe indeed! It does make one feel slightly super heroic to keep the calm whilst being ‘Mum Mountain’.

It must just be God’s will in strengthening me, making me a solitary bee, making the best of me. By forcing me to be in constant Mum mode and making me work through all the physical learning alone, gaining from it, instead of lifting the pressure, he knows it will make me stronger and if this is the wish then this must be the way. As long as I remember this I can stay out of a heap on the kitchen floor (most of the time 😉 and can hopefully resist pulling my hair out too!

Raising my boys is the work of my life. God has entrusted me with their souls and although I am physically alone in my parenting role and things would probably be much easier if I sent them to pre-school, I feel it is my place to watch over them and teach life to them in the way I have learned to understand it. I have found it works to listen to the stillness, and although it is not so easy to stay in such a mind with the chaos of our daily lives, the stillness is where the answers can be found. Always. Finding our paths we can individually show our children the riches of our knowledge and hope they may advance in living a truly successful life also. In opposition to a huge class being told the simple basic steps about life and working for money without room for individual growth, my children are following their own paths, learning that which interests them and that of the true values of life. This is proving most productive. Too much structure doesn’t work and neither does too little, as with every other area of my life, we are still working on a good balance (with less chaos!). As my youngest understands a little more, a healthier and more suitable structure can be set in place. I have found too much set structure gives cause to rebellion, even in me, so going with the flow with light but meaningful goals works best at achieving learning. No structure is like having a messy house, it gives way to a messy mind that proves much less creative and productive.

My boys and I travel all over to ‘home’ educate ourselves (Mums still learning too!) and we are nearly always together, work, play, break times and yes it is extremely difficult although that is the only righteous decision there is for Me. Can I just take a moment to thank our Lord for opening my soul.
Our children are our work and nothing should stop us from achieving here. My dear great Aunt had a heart attack and has been diagnosed with Dementia. She has become extremely frail and now really needs family support and it is looking as if she will need to come and live in my house. Sounds crazy with the work I have already right? To me it doesn’t bother me to think twice about giving up my time and space to care for a Woman that has helped raise me, she has done more for me that I even know and to me it is natural to support her in her last days. She needs proper care and there is no one else stepping up to the mark. Hey, I don’t mind as long as the smell of meat doesn’t drive me insane! You know what she may even turn veggie once she tries my roasted Cauliflower 😛

I am also a mobile beauty therapist, I write websites’ from home too and I love it. I feel extremely blessed to have seen the light and that I have the means to be able to work for myself and home educate my sons. My children first and foremost are my concentration and everything is geared at getting them through life safe and healthy with loads of fun! I am a qualified beauty therapist with additional qualified training and will run my business on a larger scale from home in the not too distant future. I chose to do this course of health training as it meant I could be my own boss as I have never been good with authority! I also chose this career as I enjoy the natural refining of people and because the money I can yield from a short appointment is high and that means I can spend more time on other things. Lets face it there’s working for life and then there’s just plain working for money and money driven goals do not feed spirituality in the way I require.
Free me time is vital to stay right for my family. Next up on the work list is my sanity and I have found it in writing, friends, family, photography, other creative and fun stuff. I love reading too (when I get a chance!), it nourishes my wisdom, one cannot project properly unless they are getting a good intake of knowledge! Writing is work for me, it is also a place where I can express myself without bourgeois interruption. I love to write and read but yes I am very slow at both, it unfortunately falls down the list of priorities, that doesn’t mean I won’t get there though. I am coming. I will make it. Determination is key and that key I have!

I would love to have more time to work in the garden too, working the land to yield good foods that I can sustain my family from. This to me is a major ‘work’ role of life. If we think about things in a very simplistic way, what more should we be doing than energising ourselves, building a home, practicing a trade, farming the land to fuel our bodies, raising our young, making love and resting? Providing our own foods enables us to know exactly where they come from, what they contain and how they have been cared for as well as saving us heaps of money. Seriously.

Does it seem right to you to be crammed in an house with not much land, working all day, in most cases, to line someone else’s pocket, to put food on the table for their kids? You take a cut of the cash and hardly get to see your own family as they are being non-righteously and non-individually raised by people you don’t even know? No, certainly not. The food you buy is sprayed with what? Yes that’s right friends, the inorganic local superstore food that you would think to be safe are indeed sprayed with poisonous weed killer by people wearing full face and body masks working for major corporations built on greed, power and money.
Those chemicals are destroying our ecosystem, the toxins are killing off the bees and getting into our bodies and deteriorating our nervous systems and raising disease levels in humans. Research it (Monsanto).
Personally I see it fit that we should all be self dependent providing for ourselves and if you are not already and have a large house and garden with a generous income and you are reading this post then maybe it is time for ‘convenience’ to move over and for the real work to be done. There’s always time for facebook and television later if you so wish. And even if you don’t have money and land, starting small is still starting. Starting to make important changes that give you freedom, real freedom.

Broaden the horizon, believe the unbelievable, expect the unexpected, dare to dream, listen and go get exactly what you feel is calling you. This I have found to be the route to happiness and more love! So much love. It is crazy you can be in two minds in life, one where you hear your calling and know its meant for bringing out the best in you. The other where you think you know what’s best and temporarily feed the hole with what you think you need i.e. chocolate, cakes, sex or money etc, when in fact the fuel you choose is most of the time the last thing you actually need which in turn makes the original problem worse or halts any improvement. It is a real nasty cycle, trust me I know this from experience.
I find it very bizarre how we can think we ‘know’ what is best for us and on another deeper level feel and understand what we need in truth. Often the two are very different from each other and easily confused.
A strong faith in love will carry you through any work and time in stillness will gift deeper understanding into You.

I write in these matters in this work related post as I feel it is my divine work to help raise awareness and to support healing the Earth and its people. Starting first with providing a clean, natural, organic and vegan foods and products for my own children and reaching out to people I know nearby and blogging for those I don’t.

I have been described as a savvy woman and I intend to help awaken the people…in the kindest possible way!

My only wish here, may my words reach readers and seekers, may they be touched enough to feel the light causing a ripple of energy that can touch others.

Love & Peace.