Treasure – Photography 101

This morning I woke to the days task and felt blessed. Life is our greatest treasure. Grass to walk on, air to breathe, sun and water to help us grow, our families, our memories, the deep and incomparable warmth resonating within us. Love is treasure. Pure treasure. Better than any doubloons or gems, feeling connected in such a way with something or someone so beautiful is the world’s most priceless treasure.

I was looking for a simple shot to say that treasure is the simple things we often take for granted.
I am blessed and very thankful to be able to see the grass for what it truly is.

Here is my treasure:

The frost on the grass reminded me of the treasure we are blessed with in God, the changing of the seasons reminds us to slow down, listen to life, feel the flow and to dance within it.
The wind whispers treasure to all that listen.


Meet & Greet – Welcome WordPress Bloggers

Hello all and welcome to PeaceCrafting 🙂

I am rather new to blogging and my site is in its early days, still being constructed. I am reaching out to all fellow WordPress bloggers as I would love some feedback on how things are going, I am open to all kinds of criticism so don’t be shy now. I also would love to connect with like minded writers, finding mutual interests in others.

I love nature, everything to do with improving the lives of children, philosophy, science, crafts, photography, green living, humorous writes and poems so if your blog holds any of these please drop me a comment so I can check your blog out 🙂

I hope you can see from taking a look that my blog is made of Love. I have a flower as my main picture as I feel it is more appealing and this is more of a site about life in general as apposed to just about me. It is about natural homemaking and living a greener, smarter day through discovery of paleo methods and by rejecting conformity to the current mainstream system. I work for the Earth and adore ways to help stop the destruction being caused, using vibes of love to inspire.

On my pages there are various health posts and recipes, methods for a healthier life as well as nature posts and ideas for a simple healthy life. There is also some photography and some great activities for wonderful days out with the children.

I love being creative and always love to gain new knowledge.

So far in the WordPress community I have connected with a really lovely genuine bunch of bloggers who I would love to thank for being part of my blogging world. Thank You!

If you think we would get along and would love to connect then please leave a comment introducing yourself and your blog! Also feel free to re-blog anything you feel is worth sharing from my work. 

I do hope you enjoy reading my work as much as I love writing it.

Thanks for stopping by.

Love & Light

Lucy – PeaceCrafting