Thankful Thursday – Health

This week has been a very wintery week. We welcomed much frost and much needed rest.

I am most grateful for the well health I and my family experienced in 2014 – The healthiest year of our lives. Ever. Beautiful. Seemingly I did not appreciate the blessing of health enough when it was gifted as these cold months are testing our immune strength greatly.

The biggest love of gratitude for the good health of my loved ones and I.

2015 Blessings to all


My child will not eat vegetables! (Problem solved – spread the word!!)

My child will not eat vegetables…is happily not something I get to say now! If you too struggle to get greens and other vital vegetables / vitamins and minerals into your children then I am hoping that the information in this post can help you.

This method saved my dinner time meal problems bringing much joy It may not get a 10/10 for presentation but that really does not matter if your kids are actually eating foods like Spinach, Cabbage, Beetroot and other essential veg! Its proven in the abundance of common knowledge and nutritional information out there that we need our veg and more importantly our dark leafy greens to obtain the nutrients needed to live strong but with so many sugar / artificial additive infused foods so readily available and highly promoted its easy to see why our kids opt for those and say nah to the veg. Albeit I wasn’t about to give up on trying and I certainly wasn’t turning back. After the marvelous discovery of potato cakes I found an even simpler way to achieve this goal. It comes in the form of a richly flavoursome mash! Genius! I didn’t attempt it before as until the legendary potato cakes my boys wouldn’t eat mash but now they call for man sized portions at least twice a week. The good thing with this way of cooking is not only can it all be done in 1 pot (if you have one large enough), each time different vegetables can be used and your heart can be filled with contentment knowing your child is eating so much needed goodness, the bonus is they will truly love it and they wont even know they are eating veg, cheeky mum! This method stands strong for adding all sorts of ingredients you want your children eating, as in the potato cakes, Moringa Leaf powder is used, I have also used a Hemp version just with the potatoes before and it worked well. I no longer use eggs for the cakes instead I use a baking powder mix. Both the cakes and the mash are excellent ways to ensure optimum health reaches children.

I have adapted the mash base for adding any vegetables or powders to and it has never failed with my children.

The base ingredients are Potatoes, Onions, Garlic and butter. The garlic and onions give such an inviting aroma and taste that the kids don’t notice the other vegetables that are added. Adding some coconut oil in place of dairy butter and almond milk (recipe available at – enjoy) can really cream things up too, it boosts calcium intake as well as saving the cows!

The method is so simple, boil / steam the potatoes with or without the other selected ingredients in the same pot. Mash the potato. Then use a blender to really mash up all the other veg (use a little cool water in the blender to get it mixing), combine the lot, allow it to cool and serve. Problem solved! You can then add eggs or flour and proceed to bake in the oven to crisp the top. My children love it both ways! Get in!

I can understand this may not be a suitable way for your family to cook or eat due to allergies or lack of a blender but please do not worry as our friends at Nature’s Plus have devised a beautiful range of vegan, gluten and sugar free vitamin / mineral animal shaped energy supplements (the kids really think they are sweets and in truthfulness they are, the healthiest ones out there!), they are a real hit. The ones we use are Animal Parade. They are assorted flavours and they are a multi – vitamin and mineral giving an all round boost containing vital nutrients difficult to obtain. They are superbly crafted and the detailing is perfect, the boys love picking which animals to have for the day and the colours add variety, they are naturally sweet smelling and tasting from the fruit and many of the ingredients are over 100% of the RDA (recommended daily allowance). If your child is really fussy or just will not eat, giving him 2 of these a day will settle your nerves as you know he’s getting some goodness and it will keep him going with healthy body and healthy mind.

Please let me know how these methods go for you by commenting below or sending an email to

Best of luck 🙂

Healthy and Energising snack: Cacao stuffed Apricots



I have found that when offering raw Cacao nibs to loved ones, to promote and encourage optimum health for all, that the response is often too predictable and their faces say it all! Unless you are a custom to the real beauty behind the harsh taste of these nibs the taste can somewhat be, shall we say, a tad overpowering! Therefore i devised a cunning and yummy plan to get the goodness into my family and friends when they visit, wrap the nibs in something else healthy that will sweeten and Apricots really do the job I hoped they would. They deeply give the cacao sweetness and encase the crunch in a smooth, fleshy coating making them more pleasant to chew (debatable – I love the raw crunch – not many others seem to though!) and easier to consume.
With both of these ‘super-foods’ boasting health benefits by being high in antioxidants this snack is perfect for an energy boost and is great for a quick bite when time just isn’t there. Apricots providing us with Beta Carotene, Vitamin C, Fiber, Copper and Potassium make them a perfect booster high in nutrients.
Theobroma Cacao nibs are definitely foods from the Gods indeed, being high in magnesium, known to boost your happiness and stamina, high in sulphur, known for healthy nail and hair growth whilst being cleansing to the liver and pancreas. Cacao is also higher in antioxidants, around 40 times more so than that of Blueberries! Known to diminish appetite this little snack will really see you through your mid morning / noon peckish times (and they taste awesome too!)

A real powerhouse snack available at a minimal price if you have the  ingredients in your cupboard. If not, both can be purchased together for very fair prices. Make a few up in an air tight container and they are great for travelling to.

I will always recommend you choose organic produce to ensure the healthiest foods possible although eating these foods organic or non organic is much better than not eating them at all!

To make these are really as simple as it seems.

You will need:

  • Dried Apricots
  • Raw Cacao Nibs
  • Teaspoon


  • Take a dried Apricot and unfold it or slice it
  • Using a teaspoon scoop half a teaspoon or how ever much you feel appropriate (amount varies depending on size of fruit) of Raw Cacao Nibs and stuff them inside the Apricot
  • Fold the Apricot to encase the Cacao and there you have it a delicious and highly vigorous snack


That’s convenience food at its best.

Once you’ve tried it you can share the passion I guarantee you will feel with your loved ones too. Helping to make the World a truly healthier and happier place!