The Versatile Blogger Award


Gifted to me some time ago by Clare behind the amazing blog My Creative Cosmos, this award has been sitting patiently feeling a little neglected!

Please accept my sincerest apologies, I would have loved to have responded with the requirements to accept the award and kept thinking the laptop would be back by now but time just zooms passed in the land of me and the laptop id not fixed! Major apologies to dear Clare that I haven’t got around to publishing an official response and thank you post on PeaceCrafting yet. I would love to nominate others and display the badge. I was hoping to have my laptop sorted by now so I could do so. I am unable to add the award via my mobile but I am feeling awful I haven’t posted officially about it and I am aching to give my heart felt thanks to Clare for all her support. If you haven’t been over to My Creative Cosmos yet you really must check out the work there, Clare and her husband Dean are very cool and so inspirational! I felt twinkles within me gazing into their world.

So much Love to You for the gift of The Versatile Blogger Award. PeaceCrafting is honoured to receive it and will be over the moon to be able to wear it on its sidebar when possible!



Writer’s Quote Wednesday 2015 – 3

Weekly Challenge by Silver Threading

This week I thought I was going to use a quote from my book that I am slowly getting through, giving more detail about the origin of the saying compared to other posts, that was the plan until I had one of those moments…(you know those moments?)…that gifted inspiration to use this quote:

our creator

I cannot for the life of me tell you where I first heard such a quote or even in which order the words go, this is how it came out.
Those who have been following my travels through time will know the addiction struggles I have been experiencing and the screaming prayers I have sent to the source aching for help in these difficult times. The hardest thing for me has become knowing what to do but for the life of me not being able to do it! I always pray for guidance to make the changes but it seemed to become physically impossible to lift myself from the rut. I had had enough! I broke down ย and begged for God to help me be stronger in saying no and today I was gifted an opportunity like I often am after asking, yet today it was easier for me to say no. I was grateful for this and extremely grateful to be able to recognise when it was happening. God wasn’t going to do it for me, he wanted to see just how much I wanted change. Today I achieved something that seemed impossible yesterday. Blessed.



Thankful Thursday – Strength

Today I am thankful for my harsh upbringing!
Being brought up in the way I had been was far from kind and loving but it has made me confident and tough, outgoing and decisive.
I now know life is about strength in other ways as apposed to the physical type, strength of the mind in being supple. Although I believe these things I still believe there is much fun to be had and endurance skills learned from a bit of ‘rough and tumble’! When I was a kid I used to play fight with my sister and friends, family members would playfully throw us about and ferociously tickle the heck out of us in soft play and we had a great laugh! Before I was born my Father was a boxer in the army as were many other people I knew. As I grew up my friends and I through our school years would ‘spar’ and arm wrestle, play 2p knuckles, dead arm competitions, birthday bumps etc this was the norm to us and it was fun! I have danced at many parties with my head in the speakers, ears blasted off my head and bumping about into my friends, pushing each other in the bass and smiling, having a laugh! No harm done and in fact if there were ever the need or want to go on a heavy endurance course or to climb a mountain then I would feel ok about it as I grew up being bumped up trees, falling out of them, getting up and trying again! Heck if I ever needed to defend myself from an attacker then I am a little more prepared than some who think a tap on the arm is something to cry about! I mean seriously how are these people going to cope when someone knocks into them and doesn’t apologise?
A truly righteous person never provokes war yet is always prepared for it as I said yesterday in this week’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday. There are many mean people out there and there are also many boisterous yet friendly people too and I am just grateful my eyes have been opened to that side of life as it has made me more susceptible to real world.

Winter Gatherings

Winter, to me, is a time for rest and to keep warm by any harm free way we can.
Personally I feel it is a wonderful time to gather loved ones together to celebrate life and the gifts in nature we receive from our creator. Although I practice this everyday I feel it becomes increasingly apparent and important to remember in the harsher climates as many gifts are not as abundant as they were in warmer days and being without them gives us a deeper understanding of being without and greater chance for appreciation. A time to appreciate the Sun, the food and fuel we have been able to harvest from the warmer times and to show our gratitude.

A time to rejoice in love by gathering together to spend time in witty banter, in remembrance of the good times that have passed and a time for positivity towards our future aspirations.

When the earth is blanketed in Snow and the people are obscured from continuing, it becomes the perfect opportunity to stop and listen to nature’s call, a real chance to capture life for it’s deepest truths and to know that we are not in control (albeit the snow is of natural fall).

Winter is a time to have as much fun as possible, to be merry and to create abundances of happiness and laughter in sharing our love as this truly keep us warm from within.

Winter by Me.