Glow in the dark sticky tape sculptures

Turn your childs favourite toy into a glow in the dark wonder! What a fantastic and festive idea! Although these are great for Halloween they are also super ghosts for anytime of year!

To make your very own sculpture you will need:

* A toy, a figurine around the size of an action man works perfectly
* At least one roll of sticky tape
* Clingfilm
* Scissors or a sharp knife
* Glow sticks

How to create:

* Take your toy and wrap a few layers of cling film around it, covering the entire toy.
* Wrap sticky tape around the toy until it becomes a solid casing (you will need a lot of tape for this). Do as many layers as you can.
* Take the scissors or knife and gently slice a strip down the back of the toy, being careful not to damage the toy, slide out the toy
* Insert the glow sticks and tape up the incision

In the dark they will illuminate and appear as little ghosts in the shape and form of whatever figurine or toy you chose!
Hang them around the house or garden to give a spooky feel to any enviroment.
When the glow stick has faded simply cut them out and re-insert when required.

Have fun!