Love Crafting – Gifts, Cards and Flowers

I just love to have the time to sit down and craft something magical for someone I love.
For me crafting started with making cards, I was looking for a more personalised and heart touching way to gift words to the ones I love so I got together a kit and went from there. I found much satisfaction in re-using parts of old cards I had been given like the pictures and parts of decoupage that many people just throw away. I see crafting gifts as a sustainable way of using paper and such alike when gifting others or making things for around the home as many creations can be made from things already around the home that are more than likely to just be sitting there for ages. I began finding many cards too beautiful to just bin and was determined to find new uses for them. This I will still do occasionally although now my favourite way of card making is with pieces of nature, old leaves, dried flowers, fruit and vegetable skins and gem stones etc.
I also love to craft bunches of home dried flowers to gift. To tie these bunches together I have found hemp cord to be an amazing resource. It is strong, beautiful and lasts for a respectable amount of time whilst saving the trees! Hemp cord has so many uses, an extremely versatile fabric and plaiting three strings together gives extra strength wherever needed leaving a really pretty effect giving presence of effort and care. It can be sown into cards, along the edges for a beautiful eye catching and detailed effect, it can also be made into many shapes to create images.
I feel home crafting, cards, flowers and gifts is an excellent way to project your love and emotions for that person showing how much you care for them. Whilst crafting away, the time, effort and care you use, puts your energy, part of you, into what you are making and upon that person receiving the gift they are able to feel your energy making it the most personal, powerful and effective way of giving gifts of love to the people you care most about.