Writer’s Quote Wednesday 2015 – 4

Okay so I am really losing track of my days now. Just received a Thursday challenge email and actually convinced myself that it is Wednesday! Definitely time for a hiatus!


This has to be one of my favourite lyric quotes of all time.

Ed has a beautiful voice and his songs are written gifting a powerful impact to the listener.

I believe it is true that our Souls go on and on and are therefore evergreen, the metaphor is most creative and resonates deeply with me as I naturally crave knowledge about the Soul.

You will often hear me singing this quote (and his entire album X) if ever you happen to be near my house (or down the street, on the bus or train, at the park or in the shops) goodness know how the neighbours put up with me!
This song always seems to come on  the radio wherever I am…spooky coincidences, right?

Thanks to Silver Threading for posting such an awesome Weekly Challenge to be able to respond to.

Blessed be all on this springy winter morning.