Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Death

For this weeks quote I decided on song lyrics again. Earlier in the week I shared the video of this song being performed live with you guys as it touched my heart so deeply and the passion in this man’s soul for the song gifts warmth to any listener. I just love a real song about truth! Thanks Leeland 😀 Here is one of the lines that stood out to me.

“The fear of death is the fear of living”, a breathtaking and exceedingly true piece of wisdom from the brilliant song Stardust by the creative artist Leeland James that reminds us that we cannot truly experience life and what it truly gifts until we let go and surrender ti it fully. This is when growth really begins.

Personally I have always thought about death and it has been a long time since it scared me. In fact for a while before I had my children I found afterlife quite exciting and embraced it. I never thought everything would just stop when our bodies decease. Accepting death as part of life, understanding and believing that when it’s our time it’s our time and having the greatest trust in our creator will see us in the right direction and allow us to live more freely.

Life builds up to death. With life being as beautiful as it is just imagine how beautiful the other side is.

I thank the lord for my awakening and for the way I see my children and the World.

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Thank YOU for listening 🙂 Always