‘Writer’s Quote Wednesday’ – Blog Event – Blogging 101

writers-quote-wednesdayI don’t know about You but I love a well-written and meaningful quote!
It has been fun exploring the events on The Daily Post and for today’s assignment. I have chosen to create a ‘Writer’s Quote Wednesday’ post as I often come across such heart warming and inspiring quotes that I can really really relate to and thought it would be a wonderful idea to share my thoughts with you.

My chosen quote is by an artist called Sdyw Uml he is a beautiful Spanish poet, the kind of man the World needs to lead us as a nation in this destructive age. A true gentleman. Uml’s insights to the truth of life are astounding. At the tender age of just 25 his knowledge is that of which seems to have spanned many many years.

“If you don’t understand my silence, how will you understand my words” – Sdyw Uml 2014

What a quote right?
To me this awakens a key and vital reminder of the real love that binds a relationship between two souls. Wouldn’t you agree that your true partner should be one that can fully sense you, read your mind and be able to connect to you without any words uttered? I have always felt and believed in telepathy and have always felt it to be true that the person created for you knows you like they know their favourite everything! I mean he would know what dress to pick (better than you would), he would understand your emotions on a deeper level than even you do, he just knows exactly everything that makes your heart sing. I do believe it is important to understand your life partner (Husband / Wife) on a spiritual level and until this connection is fully established words will only get in the way to be stumbled upon, no matter how hard it is. I believe you must be able to feel your partner wherever in the World they are for it to be true love.
Many people I am surrounded by and past experiences of my own show couples argue a ridiculous amount of time, never really resolving the issue, their sex is gimmick like and bland and is often pre-discussed with them only really indulging in the temporary joy of joint masturbation (or in some very unlucky circumstances, singular masturbation) as apposed to the true sacredness of the hierurgy of making love. They feel deep down that this is wrong or that’s not how I imagined my dream lover, these are tell tell signs that things aren’t meant to be. Too many are too scared to talk the truth as they will possibly discover they are not meant to be and that would ruin their cosy little lives. Some people will knowingly be in the wrong relationship boldly using their partner, waiting for their true love to appear as faking it is better than being alone. If it feels in the slightest wrong when you really think about it then it is. You already know your true love.
In my eyes the boldness to approach life alone, for the rest of your life, will bring your twin flame straight to you. Whether you can reach them or not depends on your state of self respect and the dedication to following your intuition.
Only pure truth brings pure happiness no matter how much you kid yourself or play ‘cover it up dandy’.
To these lovers, telepathy is dead and often a total joke – unluckily for them!
To be lucky enough to find such a connection opens doorways in the mind that only one person has the keys too.
Wow, it is so beautiful as you yourself don’t even have a set of keys so you get to enjoy yourself on another level bringing waves of joy. Until you find this you may not have a clue what I am going on about, if you do then you will understand that when you find the one, you truly know that you have actually found them. You just know. No matter how messy the situation, everything makes sense when they are around and at times, although you coped before they arrived, it will seem as if they are the air you breathe.