Day 20 – Triumph – Photography 101

The last day! I am sad the course is over but I am happy to have made it this far even though some days I didn’t manage to post! Nevertheless, what fun!

My photo for today regards my personal triumph. This is always a hard time of the moon for me so I feel massively triumphant to be on my second day of no tobacco! Yay! I am sure someone has been praying for me as yesterday morning I felt much more than my usual self to say the least! Whatever has happened I feel majorly blessed to have stopped and although last night was majorly challenging to say no, my will, my strength, my determination and senses pulled me through. Thank You to all of those that are supporting me, thank you so much for all your help, truly, thank you!! In 3 months time I am going to feel like Super Mum! 😉

Another triumph for the week is discovering a way to save quite a bit of money by walking a little further to the next bus stop, on top of that apart from the week the boys were horribly ill we have not missed the kids club bus or been late once…now that is a triumph for me!

And after an abysmal week with moderation last week I feel this week has been much better, a few times I could have been stronger with the food but overall I am not hugely disappointed in myself which is also a triumph!!

For my triumph photo today I used a photograph of the roll up I made yesterday and didn’t smoke. I used ‘contrastpunch’ from Adobe Photoshop Express on my mobile to edit the original contrast.

I loved taking part in this challenge and wish it would start all over again! Thanks to The Daily Post. Love. Peace

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