Writer’s Quote Wednesday 2015 – 3

Weekly Challenge by Silver Threading

This week I thought I was going to use a quote from my book that I am slowly getting through, giving more detail about the origin of the saying compared to other posts, that was the plan until I had one of those moments…(you know those moments?)…that gifted inspiration to use this quote:

our creator

I cannot for the life of me tell you where I first heard such a quote or even in which order the words go, this is how it came out.
Those who have been following my travels through time will know the addiction struggles I have been experiencing and the screaming prayers I have sent to the source aching for help in these difficult times. The hardest thing for me has become knowing what to do but for the life of me not being able to do it! I always pray for guidance to make the changes but it seemed to become physically impossible to lift myself from the rut. I had had enough! I broke down ¬†and begged for God to help me be stronger in saying no and today I was gifted an opportunity like I often am after asking, yet today it was easier for me to say no. I was grateful for this and extremely grateful to be able to recognise when it was happening. God wasn’t going to do it for me, he wanted to see just how much I wanted change. Today I achieved something that seemed impossible yesterday. Blessed.