Thankful Thursday – Truths

This blogging idea of posting gratitude on WP weekly has not only taught me to appreciate my blessings more, it has shown how quickly time flies by and reminded me just how much I need to stop, breathe slowly and listen.

Until more recent times I never had any real, intelligent, decent people as an influence to me and until this week I didn’t realise how screwed up some people that I have always been close to actually are, how lost they have become. I never really understood the depth of ignorance, as I was somewhat swimming in it with them for most if my life, the compliance to that which they know nothing about, to me is pure absurdity, I mean wake up and make your own decisions, grow, live your life for you doing what you are really passionate about. But no, I just get shrugged off as mad. It is so sad, such a pitiful level, one that I will not live by or lower myself to no matter how many bodies are shed from me or how physically alone I am. I now see a deep lack of care and a high state of confusion, a craving for anger, the inabilities to listen and understand. Surely if you love some one you appreciate their decisions and support them even if you don’t agree with them. I am thankful for the very few people that do feel me in this way. That is true love. A true blessing.

A lot of my youth was spent in troubles. No one had any depth regarding love and all were led by ego driving them to lose touch with their soul. For sometime I have noticed how people’s inner voice is screaming at them to Be yet all they act upon is their ego and what everybody else thinks, from this comes no creativity or advancement whatsoever just another 20 years wasted or good friends thrown out. It is a really sad thing but one I am thankful for as it has enabled me to have such a strong example of what not to be, one that I used to propel into enlightenment where love is more than abundant. Love is everything and our everything can be love if we only open our mind’s eye to the truly breathtaking World we have to reside in and to the enormous beauty of the infinite space that our souls will always be a part of.

I am deeply thankful (no matter how hard it seems) to finally see the truth in the things I need to and to have eliminated the toxic minds from contaminating my energy. I am thankful for the way I feel things, the way I think regardless of how funky or different it may appear to others. I am thankful for my rude, yet gentle, awakening and for the freedom of my mind that I have. I am thankful for the life I have been gifted and I am thankful to be able to see the light and the World for what it is. Mother Earth is precious and I do not wish to get away from life, despite my screams, just to merely be rid of the polluted people that sail through her soiling her with guile, distrust and insincerity.

 I am thankful for all of my blessings and for the people who do show me unconditional Love.

Thank YOU