Homemade Organic Green Banana Spread

Yummy! You may not think it would taste so considering its 50% straight Moringa Leaf powder but trust me when I say it is. If you have been following my blog you will know all about me and bananas alas, today I was contained and did not go ‘bananas’!
The kids adore this type of fruit and I have cut the amount they were consuming down after seeing the men on the river and how many they are actually able to carry back in their boats. The boats don’t house much space and the amount of bananas per 1 boat is very limited, this brought compassion within me to cut down the 3 bananas they were eating per day!

I love the thought of getting the maximum daily nutrients required into my Sons and think Moringa Leaf is a great way to aid towards that. It is known as the Tree of Life, it’s absolutely packed with various nutrients and minerals and a follow up post especially dedicated to this tree will give a more in-depth insight into the true values. I know from experience the health benefits that 1 teaspoon a day can bring from a motivated morning to strong nails and beyond. It’s so packed with nutrients that I strive to get it in our diets wherever I can.

Usually we use crushed berries on our bread but today we got creative and made Banana fruit spread with a twist of Moringa Leaf powder.  I was a little dubious at first as the powder can bring quite an overpowering taste although here it didn’t and it just tasted marvellous!
My youngest boy ate his entire portion straight up whereas my eldest was a little more cautious and began by dipping his finger in the spread to then scooping it off with a spoon (guess he loves the flatbread)! This spread was an all-round family winner and one that will definitely be made more often as great way to ensure optimum health in my children and as a funky way to change up the way bananas are eaten!

My two’s faces lit up at the name ‘Green Bananas’, if your child loves everything bananas and you are looking for a way to boost their health and make it fun this quick and ultimately simple recipe is perfect for your family too. Already love Moringa?…why not try this Potato Cake recipe too. Happy Health  🙂

Based on 2 children for 1 meal.

½  Organic Banana
Approx. 8 grams Moringa Leaf powder

Peel and slice banana, mix it in a bowl with a fork.
Using a teaspoon (5g) add the desired amount of powder and blend.
Spread on bread of all kinds or add to your favourite foods!