White Mulberry Leaf Superfood Powder

Magic! This green powder is absolutely amazing providing nutrition content high in zinc, calcium and iron. For someone like myself with abnormally high blood sugar just below the threshold for diabetes this discovery is a dream come true, a true life saviour!

I can say from my experience that this powder really does supress that sugar spike that follows a meal. Usually in the morning I will have a type of seeds and almond milk for breakfast loaded with my superfood powders i.e. Moringa, Cacao, A├žai etc. and then after eating a more than required amount of food I will crave another 3 bowls and usually go back for more or something else. It is always a feeling I dislike, one that makes me feel like I am not in control like something inside me wants feeding (parasites/candida?) like I am being overridden and often I end up in tears due to my weak-willed lack of control, looking back in disgust wondering what on earth has happened to me, my guts, my head, my skin! Seriously the amount I can eat isn’t healthy and gets me very depressed and that is why I was so filled with joy to find that adding white mulberry leaf powder to my usual breakfast really works at keeping the sweet cravings down. I can honestly say I have easily managed to say no to going back for more the last few mornings and this was before I read the accompanying leaflet!

These ancient trees have almost been hidden from the UK culture today when in fact they have been used as herbal medicine for a long time. The incredible healing powers of the tree produce medicinal leaves and delicious berries ideal for optimum human health.

If you too are looking for a natural way to control your blood sugars I highly recommend this powder. It has been recommended that Mulberry powder can be added to juices, smoothies or tea for easy consumption or baked into cakes and bread. I have found it works well when added raw mixed into my breakfast. I only use about 1g and it has made a huge difference in keeping the cravings at bay.

I cannot tell you how happy I am with the powders immediate effects. It is amazing to finally feel like I have gained a little more control and from such a simple natural method and source. I will definitely be including this green powder regularly into my diet, in moderation of course. Anything (healthy;) to rid myself of the ‘demon’ within!