A Love For Nature #3

Photo101 Rehab #3 – Lucile De Godoy Photo Challenge – InLinks

Again for this photo I edited using the mobile app Adobe PhotoShop Express using the enhancement of Haze.

As we say goodbye to Autumn I find amazement in the fractal impressions gifted to my eyes from the leaves, embracing the transitional period and it’s wavering temperatures.

This leaf struck me, more than any I had ever seen.


A Love for Nature #2

Photo101 Rehab #2

Totally amazed.
As I passed the station to greet the bridge I had a spring in my step thinking of the grace of true love then bam…

…what a beautifully welcomed surprise! It made my smile grow and grow and I bounced across the bridge knowing that all my madness is just my way sanity!

For about a year now I see hearts everywhere I go, I have hundreds of love heart stones and the shape pops out at me most places I go and I love it! I have truly been touched by the hand of real love and for that I am deeply blessed.

In keeping with my theme “A Love For Nature” I chose the rainwater puddle evaporating in the humidity.
For this photo nothing suited it better than a slight edit using the ‘Haze’ look from Adobe Photoshop Express.

Here is the link up for the Photo101 Rehab Class.

I was hoping to complete a photo a day although I will be happy doing what I can as often as I can until the end 🙂

A Love For Nature #1

Photo101 Rehab #1

Photography for me is fun, peaceful and full of wonder and amazement. I love how moments that show the true beauty of the World can be captured, saved and then shared with others visually.

Thank You! Massively up for the Photo 101 Rehab 🙂 It is simply a must!
How exciting I just love all of your photos on Photo 101. You guys rock.

Here is the pingback to Photo 101 Rehab.

I got creative today and that inspired my photo for the programme.

My theme is about a deep love for nature and exploring everything new in the photograph editor Adobe Photoshop using my Nokia Lumia 625 Camera Phone (I love it!) and exploring options new to me.

The first photo has had it’s temperature brought down to match the bitter cold the boys and I felt when fixing the love to this tree. I edited the exposure which has made everything stand out and I used a soft edge as I love borders!

This is fun, here is another photo from Monday.

For this shot I opted out of choosing a frame but fully enhanced clarity and vibrancy and I absolutely adore it now.

I hope its simplicity touches You…