A Love for Nature #2

Photo101 Rehab #2

Totally amazed.
As I passed the station to greet the bridge I had a spring in my step thinking of the grace of true love then bam…

…what a beautifully welcomed surprise! It made my smile grow and grow and I bounced across the bridge knowing that all my madness is just my way sanity!

For about a year now I see hearts everywhere I go, I have hundreds of love heart stones and the shape pops out at me most places I go and I love it! I have truly been touched by the hand of real love and for that I am deeply blessed.

In keeping with my theme “A Love For Nature” I chose the rainwater puddle evaporating in the humidity.
For this photo nothing suited it better than a slight edit using the ‘Haze’ look from Adobe Photoshop Express.

Here is the link up for the Photo101 Rehab Class.

I was hoping to complete a photo a day although I will be happy doing what I can as often as I can until the end 🙂