The Versatile Blogger Award


Gifted to me some time ago by Clare behind the amazing blog My Creative Cosmos, this award has been sitting patiently feeling a little neglected!

Please accept my sincerest apologies, I would have loved to have responded with the requirements to accept the award and kept thinking the laptop would be back by now but time just zooms passed in the land of me and the laptop id not fixed! Major apologies to dear Clare that I haven’t got around to publishing an official response and thank you post on PeaceCrafting yet. I would love to nominate others and display the badge. I was hoping to have my laptop sorted by now so I could do so. I am unable to add the award via my mobile but I am feeling awful I haven’t posted officially about it and I am aching to give my heart felt thanks to Clare for all her support. If you haven’t been over to My Creative Cosmos yet you really must check out the work there, Clare and her husband Dean are very cool and so inspirational! I felt twinkles within me gazing into their world.

So much Love to You for the gift of The Versatile Blogger Award. PeaceCrafting is honoured to receive it and will be over the moon to be able to wear it on its sidebar when possible!