Swarm – Photography 101!

I didn’t have much time to really observe the image in my photo for too long as this ‘swarm’ was moving a little too fast! Nevertheless I am happy with what I did get. I’m hoping my abiotic swarm still counts 😊

I am still running behind but I’m also still very determine to do this! I don’t have the monochrome b&w settings on my phone it seems so that one has been delayed but I will have been a warrior this weekend 😁

As I wiped the cobwebs from the leaf etched glass windows I suddenly saw my photo101 for this weeks’ task! Yay! I did wonder if it was going to be possible to capture a shot for this especially since I was so blessed earlier in the week to see the Red kites…and…it was definitely possible to see more.

Whilst waiting for my phone to load I remembered I was half way through cleaning the windows, I hopped back up on the side of the bath and kept going. As soon as I stood up a flurry of birds flew gracefully in the wind above me!

I always feel blessed to have groups of birds flutter above and around and don’t even get me started on the bees! I am just a crazy nature woman who believes it is good luck when insects land on you.

Back to the initial capture;
It rose in the sky and captured my Eye, in the moment I was taken by the beauty of it all.
The beautiful mess piercedΒ the clouded sky.
Quick get the camera before it goes by.
Nostalgic and awakened I took my aim.
It didn’t stay around for long.

Here are my Swarm photos:


A Pop of Colour – Photography 101

I love the idea of this task and actually before I even knew about it the requirements were what I had decided on the day before, hope this still counts 😊

The ‘pop’ of colour comes from the pretty pink flower in the background for without it this photo would be rather neutral in colour. The vibrancy of the true nature of the flower shines through.

Mystery – Photography 101

The mystery is in the eyes of this bird. Why did this little guy choose not to fly away, why did he stay when all others fleeted. Why did he feel comfortable enough to pose for my photos. What makes him different from the others?

His vibes were beautiful and I felt honoured that he knew I meant no harm, that he could sense I wanted to capture his beauty and that he chose to stay. He understood and listened. A spiritual connection is a treasured gift. Thank You to the big man for such divinity.

Warmth – Photography 101

Warmth to me comes from many different angles, be it the flames of a fire warming my hands as I cook a loving meal, warmth comes from the heat but also is created within knowing I am cooking awesome food. Warmth is the sun heating my skin gifting a cosiness. Warmth is my childs laughter and the many magical faces he pulls. Warmth is pure love. True love. Real love felt within β™₯ I feel it! When someone is filled with warmth you can not only feel it and be aware, you can really see it and know it too.

Landmark – Photography 101

Wow. Now this set of trees are a landmark that reminds me I am home. As soon as I see the tips from afar I know where I am. To wake to the last falling leaves and to only see trees in motion in a clear blue sunny sky is like fruit to my soul. Love those trees. So glad they stayed.

I have gone a little wild with this task and I have taken a night shot and used the enhance button to edit the photograph. Hope its ok.

Solitude – Photography 101

Hey. Sorry I am late again, well at least there’s one thing I am good at! Always the downfalls that carry consistency right?
Anyways forgive the delay here is my assignment for the solitude photography task 😊

I chose the lone Spider out the front as she seemed perfect for the job. Once surrounded by friends, this girl is now all alone in the garden. She stayed though and she stayed strong no matter what hit the web.

Solitude to me is not so much the act of being alone for you can be surrounded by beings and still feel extremely alone.
Solitude is taking the time out to delve deep within yourself and the universe to discover all you need to know, to find the answers you seek, to know wholeness and understand serenity and peace.
Through solitude we learn to know and love ourselves fully, to make the best version of ourselves come alive, thus enabling us to connect truly with others in the way we are meant to. We learn of the great stillness and allow the energy of life to channel through us in its truest flow.