A Love For Nature #3

Photo101 Rehab #3 – Lucile De Godoy Photo Challenge – InLinks

Again for this photo I edited using the mobile app Adobe PhotoShop Express using the enhancement of Haze.

As we say goodbye to Autumn I find amazement in the fractal impressions gifted to my eyes from the leaves, embracing the transitional period and it’s wavering temperatures.

This leaf struck me, more than any I had ever seen.


A Love for Nature #2

Photo101 Rehab #2

Totally amazed.
As I passed the station to greet the bridge I had a spring in my step thinking of the grace of true love then bam…

…what a beautifully welcomed surprise! It made my smile grow and grow and I bounced across the bridge knowing that all my madness is just my way sanity!

For about a year now I see hearts everywhere I go, I have hundreds of love heart stones and the shape pops out at me most places I go and I love it! I have truly been touched by the hand of real love and for that I am deeply blessed.

In keeping with my theme “A Love For Nature” I chose the rainwater puddle evaporating in the humidity.
For this photo nothing suited it better than a slight edit using the ‘Haze’ look from Adobe Photoshop Express.

Here is the link up for the Photo101 Rehab Class.

I was hoping to complete a photo a day although I will be happy doing what I can as often as I can until the end 🙂

A Love For Nature #1

Photo101 Rehab #1

Photography for me is fun, peaceful and full of wonder and amazement. I love how moments that show the true beauty of the World can be captured, saved and then shared with others visually.

Thank You! Massively up for the Photo 101 Rehab 🙂 It is simply a must!
How exciting I just love all of your photos on Photo 101. You guys rock.

Here is the pingback to Photo 101 Rehab.

I got creative today and that inspired my photo for the programme.

My theme is about a deep love for nature and exploring everything new in the photograph editor Adobe Photoshop using my Nokia Lumia 625 Camera Phone (I love it!) and exploring options new to me.

The first photo has had it’s temperature brought down to match the bitter cold the boys and I felt when fixing the love to this tree. I edited the exposure which has made everything stand out and I used a soft edge as I love borders!

This is fun, here is another photo from Monday.

For this shot I opted out of choosing a frame but fully enhanced clarity and vibrancy and I absolutely adore it now.

I hope its simplicity touches You…

Day 20 – Triumph – Photography 101

The last day! I am sad the course is over but I am happy to have made it this far even though some days I didn’t manage to post! Nevertheless, what fun!

My photo for today regards my personal triumph. This is always a hard time of the moon for me so I feel massively triumphant to be on my second day of no tobacco! Yay! I am sure someone has been praying for me as yesterday morning I felt much more than my usual self to say the least! Whatever has happened I feel majorly blessed to have stopped and although last night was majorly challenging to say no, my will, my strength, my determination and senses pulled me through. Thank You to all of those that are supporting me, thank you so much for all your help, truly, thank you!! In 3 months time I am going to feel like Super Mum! 😉

Another triumph for the week is discovering a way to save quite a bit of money by walking a little further to the next bus stop, on top of that apart from the week the boys were horribly ill we have not missed the kids club bus or been late once…now that is a triumph for me!

And after an abysmal week with moderation last week I feel this week has been much better, a few times I could have been stronger with the food but overall I am not hugely disappointed in myself which is also a triumph!!

For my triumph photo today I used a photograph of the roll up I made yesterday and didn’t smoke. I used ‘contrastpunch’ from Adobe Photoshop Express on my mobile to edit the original contrast.

I loved taking part in this challenge and wish it would start all over again! Thanks to The Daily Post. Love. Peace

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Landscape – Photography 101

Woah talk about better late than never and I really should be in bed right now but I finally got my shot for the Landscape assignment and amazingly it was taken on a moving bus 😀 I have already done the blogging 101 assignment for this week so I want to get this one done before I drift off.


It is not often I get to appreciate such open scale land as this so when the green caught my eye (moving bus or not) determination was determined the get this shot, albeit a little blurry. I still got one I feel is worthy! Ahh how I would of loved to of got off the bus and just wandered to the gathering of trees in the distance, you know maybe I will another time.

After a little help from the amazing WP team I worked out the cropping situation and sniped out the distracting white stuff from the photo.
I much prefer it now.


Edge – Photography 101

Firstly let me say…where have I been all my life with these amazing editing tools?? My my how things have changed since the last time I used a photo editor!

For todays task I needed to straighten up my morning shot! It was not as easy as it seemed, my eye for level somewhat deceives me!

To edit this shot I used the free (don’t ya know;) mobile app of Adobe Photoshop Express. The tool I used was a straighten tool in the crop section.
At first I could not decide on which edge to straighten as they all gave different angles, in the end I chose the middle line. It appears the app edited the colour itself.

I chose to shoot this particular image as above and in between the edges of the fence were glimmering spider webs filled with this morning’s dew. They looked so magical, they had to be captured.

I hope you like it.

Architecture – Photography 101

Here is my photo for the Architecture task.
I struggled to see many great examples for this one and thought this church looked pretty. I also admired the local bandstand which had a more appealing background.
Unfortunately I do not have the monochrome / black and white option on my phone so I had to wait a while to be able to edit the photo after taking it.
Architecture isn’t one of my favourite subjects to capture right now, I think this is due to the lack of beauty in it around me. If I was to be in a handsome place with fine buildings I am sure I would love photographing it more. I enjoyed the challenge and the change.




Treasure – Photography 101

This morning I woke to the days task and felt blessed. Life is our greatest treasure. Grass to walk on, air to breathe, sun and water to help us grow, our families, our memories, the deep and incomparable warmth resonating within us. Love is treasure. Pure treasure. Better than any doubloons or gems, feeling connected in such a way with something or someone so beautiful is the world’s most priceless treasure.

I was looking for a simple shot to say that treasure is the simple things we often take for granted.
I am blessed and very thankful to be able to see the grass for what it truly is.

Here is my treasure:

The frost on the grass reminded me of the treasure we are blessed with in God, the changing of the seasons reminds us to slow down, listen to life, feel the flow and to dance within it.
The wind whispers treasure to all that listen.