Organic Mulled Wine at Home

How fabulously fun! This is such a wonderful party piece and tastes so good. So good!
I had invited my closest over for a good ol’ girlie catch up and after trying my first real cup just weeks before at Riverford Pumpkin Day, I thought it would be a splendid idea to make my own to share with them. So I did!
I am so glad I did, this really is amazing, a little health tweak before the wine was brewed and it turned out delicious. Divine!
I have a slight confession, we enjoyed making it so much that it was all gone before evidence could be gathered for this post but believe me when I say how amazing it was, it definitely happened!
I didn’t get the wine I ideally desired and changed the sugar to Agave but these things had to happen to enable better knowledge in understanding the wisdom.

This is the perfect drink to raise your temperature, its deep and powerful taste overtakes your senses and the heat runs through your veins warming you from within. It is awesome.

Yum! Mulled Wine:

– 1 Bottle Organic Red Wine
– 1 Bag Organic Mulling Spices
– 1/4 Organic Lemon
– 1 tsp Organic Light Agave Syrup

To make your own mulled wine add the wine to a pan and heat on low, add the spice bag, lemon and agave and let it infuse for at least ten minutes.

The wine, mulling spices and lemons all came from Riverford Organic Farms.

This will create a wonderful aroma in your home, it will create warmth in your body and it will help create laughter that will warm your heart.

Here’s to a merry mulling!