Extended Hiatus

Hey guys, apart from last night’s rolling ramblings I am still feeling rather unwell and everything around me is slacking now and my divine bed has become my best friend.
I am extending my hiatus from writing and being so strict on my posting routine as I can really only focus on the bare minimum all round.

I may comment quite a bit still as I am slightly addicted to you All and feel you nourish my soul with your indescribable words and intriguing notions. I am sorry to my friends running the wonderful challenges, I cannot seem to keep up right now.

Many thanks to everyone who continually supports me with well wishes, I really appreciate your loyalty and commitment. I feel your love.

Now, I must get busy with the kiddies and the Sunshine.

Much Love to You All.


(wrote this half asleep :P)



Thankful Thursday – Calm

Today I am thankful for the hectic times so I can truly appreciate the calm as without those moments I wouldn’t know how blissful calm is. I am extremely grateful for the calm times and the occasional early night!

Sometimes it just gets too much and even Mummy needs a time-out.

My eldest Boy has some anxiety problems which started at a very young age and it is hard for me to understand him sometimes when he gets in a worried muddle. When he is calm he is the most loving, gentle and beautiful boy I have ever met and after a blow out the calmness is more deeply embraced. I often struggle to deal with the situation appropriately due to the interference of my thinking about disliking myself for allowing such feelings to be put into him. I know we will continue to go around in circles until I change my approach. I believe we will come to a peaceful ideal one day.

My younger Son is slightly more on the boisterous side and I sometimes feel we should have called him Taz (as suggested by his cousin) (No I do not allow them to watch the programme) as he really can whip up a storm in the house, especially in the kitchen! These times are surely just a test for my reaction to which I keep failing! I thank The Almighty for the opportunity to improve my self and ask forgiveness for not handling it all better! When my little one is calm he can be most polite and extremely caring.

Tonight we all shared a time-out together and spent time united in calm, this I am grateful for.

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Thankful Thursday – Health

This week has been a very wintery week. We welcomed much frost and much needed rest.

I am most grateful for the well health I and my family experienced in 2014 – The healthiest year of our lives. Ever. Beautiful. Seemingly I did not appreciate the blessing of health enough when it was gifted as these cold months are testing our immune strength greatly.

The biggest love of gratitude for the good health of my loved ones and I.

2015 Blessings to all


Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Strength

Weekly Blogging Event by Silver Threading Writer’s Quote Wednesday

It is a fact that not everybody on the Earth is kind and has the World’s best interests at heart, in fact most people are out for themselves which in a way is the idea to a degree although treading on others to get what we want is not a very noble way to go about doing so. Having strength in listening to the voice in our soul will get us where we need always.

“A truly righteous person never provokes war yet he is always prepared for it” – Al Vims

Al is totally right with his quote and I support it fully. I believe history says Oden had his own version of the quote for a raging Thor too.

No matter how kind and loving we are, to truly be able to protect ourselves we must be aware that we could be attacked, mentally or physically at anytime.

I believe that acting the ‘big man’ supporting a cocky ego and looking for trouble / physical bullying / forced unwanted contact causes bad vibes and yields only pain later to come back as humility. Yet I also believe shying away from a little rough and tumble physical fun with friends or family can lead to physical weakness and loss of preparation for our physical world…oh there’s another saying…”You can’t wrap them up in cotton wool forever”…totally understandable regarding a fragile baby to protect its weak frame although if a child is strong enough to climb a tree or go down a slide isn’t it time to let them deal with the pain of falling over without ridiculously over-doing the comforting? This helps them with strength, well that is my experience anyway.
I feel we should never start arguments or any kind of physical war with others, instead to use a higher self to accept and understand the problem and deal with it appropriately without pain. This will then naturally give us strength in difficult confrontational situations.

I also believe in having enough confidence in our own beliefs to stand up for ourselves mentally and to be fit and strong in body to stand up for ourselves physically.

It is like protecting yourself from all angles bringing us inner peace.

Winter Gatherings

Winter, to me, is a time for rest and to keep warm by any harm free way we can.
Personally I feel it is a wonderful time to gather loved ones together to celebrate life and the gifts in nature we receive from our creator. Although I practice this everyday I feel it becomes increasingly apparent and important to remember in the harsher climates as many gifts are not as abundant as they were in warmer days and being without them gives us a deeper understanding of being without and greater chance for appreciation. A time to appreciate the Sun, the food and fuel we have been able to harvest from the warmer times and to show our gratitude.

A time to rejoice in love by gathering together to spend time in witty banter, in remembrance of the good times that have passed and a time for positivity towards our future aspirations.

When the earth is blanketed in Snow and the people are obscured from continuing, it becomes the perfect opportunity to stop and listen to nature’s call, a real chance to capture life for it’s deepest truths and to know that we are not in control (albeit the snow is of natural fall).

Winter is a time to have as much fun as possible, to be merry and to create abundances of happiness and laughter in sharing our love as this truly keep us warm from within.

Winter by Me.

Thankful Thursday – Truths

This blogging idea of posting gratitude on WP weekly has not only taught me to appreciate my blessings more, it has shown how quickly time flies by and reminded me just how much I need to stop, breathe slowly and listen.

Until more recent times I never had any real, intelligent, decent people as an influence to me and until this week I didn’t realise how screwed up some people that I have always been close to actually are, how lost they have become. I never really understood the depth of ignorance, as I was somewhat swimming in it with them for most if my life, the compliance to that which they know nothing about, to me is pure absurdity, I mean wake up and make your own decisions, grow, live your life for you doing what you are really passionate about. But no, I just get shrugged off as mad. It is so sad, such a pitiful level, one that I will not live by or lower myself to no matter how many bodies are shed from me or how physically alone I am. I now see a deep lack of care and a high state of confusion, a craving for anger, the inabilities to listen and understand. Surely if you love some one you appreciate their decisions and support them even if you don’t agree with them. I am thankful for the very few people that do feel me in this way. That is true love. A true blessing.

A lot of my youth was spent in troubles. No one had any depth regarding love and all were led by ego driving them to lose touch with their soul. For sometime I have noticed how people’s inner voice is screaming at them to Be yet all they act upon is their ego and what everybody else thinks, from this comes no creativity or advancement whatsoever just another 20 years wasted or good friends thrown out. It is a really sad thing but one I am thankful for as it has enabled me to have such a strong example of what not to be, one that I used to propel into enlightenment where love is more than abundant. Love is everything and our everything can be love if we only open our mind’s eye to the truly breathtaking World we have to reside in and to the enormous beauty of the infinite space that our souls will always be a part of.

I am deeply thankful (no matter how hard it seems) to finally see the truth in the things I need to and to have eliminated the toxic minds from contaminating my energy. I am thankful for the way I feel things, the way I think regardless of how funky or different it may appear to others. I am thankful for my rude, yet gentle, awakening and for the freedom of my mind that I have. I am thankful for the life I have been gifted and I am thankful to be able to see the light and the World for what it is. Mother Earth is precious and I do not wish to get away from life, despite my screams, just to merely be rid of the polluted people that sail through her soiling her with guile, distrust and insincerity.

 I am thankful for all of my blessings and for the people who do show me unconditional Love.

Thank YOU

‘Photo of the Week’ – New Feature – Blogging 101

For my new feature I have created a new page called ‘Photo of the Week’.

I love taking photographs and if I was to upload them all I think my WP would crash so I have decided to do a ‘Photo of the Week’ where I will feature the photograph that captivated me the most from that week with a short description as to why it has been chosen.

I would be more than happy to have suggestions from my readers / followers, if there is a particular photo you love from a post, let me know and I will feature it for that week.
Photos will be updated every Friday starting today 📷

Here is this weeks chosen photograph:

I have chosen this Woodland shot as I almost got lost gazing into these Woods. The thin but bunched trees in abundance captivated me and held me for a dreamy moment in stillness, in wonder. Part of me beckoned to run into and through the forest, to forget the hustle and to embrace the calm. The hidden treasures of these woods called me to discover them…and how lovely that idea was but alas it was only to remain an idea for the other side of the photograph was a busy road and me waiting at a bus stop with the kids in a buggy that would never make it through the forest in a peaceful enough way to live out that moments vision! I enjoyed getting lost in the wind of the trees for that moment and definitely need to go on another woodland adventure with my babies soon!

‘Writer’s Quote Wednesday’ – Blog Event – Blogging 101

writers-quote-wednesdayI don’t know about You but I love a well-written and meaningful quote!
It has been fun exploring the events on The Daily Post and for today’s assignment. I have chosen to create a ‘Writer’s Quote Wednesday’ post as I often come across such heart warming and inspiring quotes that I can really really relate to and thought it would be a wonderful idea to share my thoughts with you.

My chosen quote is by an artist called Sdyw Uml he is a beautiful Spanish poet, the kind of man the World needs to lead us as a nation in this destructive age. A true gentleman. Uml’s insights to the truth of life are astounding. At the tender age of just 25 his knowledge is that of which seems to have spanned many many years.

“If you don’t understand my silence, how will you understand my words” – Sdyw Uml 2014

What a quote right?
To me this awakens a key and vital reminder of the real love that binds a relationship between two souls. Wouldn’t you agree that your true partner should be one that can fully sense you, read your mind and be able to connect to you without any words uttered? I have always felt and believed in telepathy and have always felt it to be true that the person created for you knows you like they know their favourite everything! I mean he would know what dress to pick (better than you would), he would understand your emotions on a deeper level than even you do, he just knows exactly everything that makes your heart sing. I do believe it is important to understand your life partner (Husband / Wife) on a spiritual level and until this connection is fully established words will only get in the way to be stumbled upon, no matter how hard it is. I believe you must be able to feel your partner wherever in the World they are for it to be true love.
Many people I am surrounded by and past experiences of my own show couples argue a ridiculous amount of time, never really resolving the issue, their sex is gimmick like and bland and is often pre-discussed with them only really indulging in the temporary joy of joint masturbation (or in some very unlucky circumstances, singular masturbation) as apposed to the true sacredness of the hierurgy of making love. They feel deep down that this is wrong or that’s not how I imagined my dream lover, these are tell tell signs that things aren’t meant to be. Too many are too scared to talk the truth as they will possibly discover they are not meant to be and that would ruin their cosy little lives. Some people will knowingly be in the wrong relationship boldly using their partner, waiting for their true love to appear as faking it is better than being alone. If it feels in the slightest wrong when you really think about it then it is. You already know your true love.
In my eyes the boldness to approach life alone, for the rest of your life, will bring your twin flame straight to you. Whether you can reach them or not depends on your state of self respect and the dedication to following your intuition.
Only pure truth brings pure happiness no matter how much you kid yourself or play ‘cover it up dandy’.
To these lovers, telepathy is dead and often a total joke – unluckily for them!
To be lucky enough to find such a connection opens doorways in the mind that only one person has the keys too.
Wow, it is so beautiful as you yourself don’t even have a set of keys so you get to enjoy yourself on another level bringing waves of joy. Until you find this you may not have a clue what I am going on about, if you do then you will understand that when you find the one, you truly know that you have actually found them. You just know. No matter how messy the situation, everything makes sense when they are around and at times, although you coped before they arrived, it will seem as if they are the air you breathe.