Writers Quote Wednesday – Read

“In life, there are those whom live what they read and then there are those whom read what they live”.

I have found and now strongly believe through my own experiences and then observing similar situations in others that it is best to speak only from experience. Picking up a book and reading it as thoroughly as you like or studying a course full of books gifts much wisdom but until you can truly relate through an experience you cannot truly understand and therefore cannot sincerely relay your findings to others. To know is much more different than to understand.

This quote is another one that just came into my head whilst lost in thought that has boldly been put forward for this weeks weekly challenge – Writers Quote Wednesday by Colleen from Silver Threading.

I have missed the connection here on WP and although I am still not recovered, when you gotta write you just gotta write, right.

Love and Peace to All 🙂


8 thoughts on “Writers Quote Wednesday – Read

  1. Clare, Colleen! Ladies, thank You so much 🙂 That is the sweetest thing I could come back to find. I managed to write this from my mobile in one of those ‘oh my goodness I just have to write’ moments but have been far to drained after busy days that I have not done much else but raise my boys, eat (lots!), sleep and clean (not enough!). My pillow really has been my bestest bud. I am feeling a lot better since I have a daily dose of Moringa Leaf Powder back in my life, it is amazing to feel what a lack of nutrients – mainly iron, can bring! I have my tests tomorrow to determine some results (hopefully) and should know a lot more by the end of the week so I will let you know. Hopefully just anemia although I have a ridiculous amount of symptoms suggesting otherwise 😦

    Thank You both again so much for the support you are giving me.
    With regards to WQW I will be moving it over to a more personal blog at https://embracingtheone.wordpress.com/ along with all the other challenges including POTW in the next few weeks as I need to separate. I hope I can make this week as it really perks me up being involved.

    Hope you are happy friends ❤ Peace


  2. Lovely to hear from you Lucy and you have been in my thoughts often. Funny that we’ve never met, yet I feel a closeness and kinship albeit via cyber space connections.

    I’ve hit Follow on Embracing The One and wish you a speedy recovery.



  3. You are sweet, thanks Clare, I feel exactly the same 🙂 good ol’ cyber connections ay!
    Thanks for your follow of ETO It needs a lot of tweaks and mods although ready to roar it must be tamed first 😛
    Yes I love being here although it is rather hard to keep at it all but nevertheless I think when you feel your calling you must embrace it no matter how very hard and trying!…talking of which I have some salt covered cabbage which needs squeezing! Warmth to you dear ❤


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