Extended Hiatus

Hey guys, apart from last night’s rolling ramblings I am still feeling rather unwell and everything around me is slacking now and my divine bed has become my best friend.
I am extending my hiatus from writing and being so strict on my posting routine as I can really only focus on the bare minimum all round.

I may comment quite a bit still as I am slightly addicted to you All and feel you nourish my soul with your indescribable words and intriguing notions. I am sorry to my friends running the wonderful challenges, I cannot seem to keep up right now.

Many thanks to everyone who continually supports me with well wishes, I really appreciate your loyalty and commitment. I feel your love.

Now, I must get busy with the kiddies and the Sunshine.

Much Love to You All.


(wrote this half asleep :P)


18 thoughts on “Extended Hiatus

    • Thanks Millie, yes edited the initial first post, eeeek! I just love connecting with everyone here and the vibe is the best so I feel like I am letting us all down by not keep going but I really need some stillness, a week in the mountains and clouds, warmed by full force sunlight has my name on it but with elders to care for too and a shortage of trustworthy people to watch my children, I cannot see that right now. If I could just get my arse to bed early enough I may actually make a yoga session. 2 minutes in the sunrise has many wonders of its own though. See you there 🙂 Thank You for truly caring ❤

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  1. Lucy, so important to look after yourself, and I am really glad that you are doing that just now. Sometimes focusing and getting past that bare minimum is a huge, momentous task in itself.
    Thank you for sharing. Sincerely hope your strength will return soon my friend.
    ~Carl~ xx


    • Carl, thank You friend. That is the general aim, to be healthy and look after my family. If I can just push myself a little further and link it all together then I can move forward. The tools aren’t the only thing needed, healthy mind frame and space would also help + a lot of magnesium and some mason jars 😛 mmm Moroccan lemons? 😉

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    • Thank You for understanding my point, sometimes upon reflecting I feel quite pathetic towards the depressive fatigue but in the midst of it it really is unbearable. I know I hold the strength, I just didn’t prepare for such heart ache

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