Tuesdays of Texture #2 – Smooth!

Happy Tuesday of February Fun everyone.

I originally snapped this first photo for the challenge. Is is from Sunday so I just had to get more today to make me feel like I had kept up with the challenge set. The pic from Sunday shows the bumpy texture of the thinking tree stump out the back.

I thought it was a fascinating find.

Next I was captivated by the Spikes of these seed shells and thought their texture represented my mood swings and those oh so sharp spikes of life itself.

Further along I was struck by the smoothest tree you ever did meet! My my did it glow and shine beneath the abundance of choppers and planes gliding above in the finest Sunshine of the year! It is literally screaming pure beauty from its skin and pouring pure love unto the World. It appeared to long for its picture to be taken so capture it I most definitely did.

This tree bends with such elegance and the silver tone is exceedingly attractive. It indeed caught my eye and spoke to my soul. I love it, I will enjoy walking past it again sometime soon πŸ™‚

in association with Tuesdays of Texture weekly challenge by Narami check out her awesome blog via this link to join in on the fun and for other inspirational posts!


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