Its Puzzle Time!

Throughout my childhood I cannot recollect memories of completing many puzzles although I would love for them to be part of my Sons’ upbringing.
Luckily for me my Sons have indeed already taken to puzzle building like ducks to water. Bizarrely enough it was my little one at the tender age of 2 years that became the puzzle whizz of the family. I was stunned and amazed at the concentration, speed and accuracy of his work, it was and still is incredible and extremely fascinating to watch (even more so if he doesn’t know you are there). My eldest boy is really good at puzzles too although I have noticed he prefers to observe and assist from the sideline. It is ever so cute to watch my boys figuring them out together! Love em!

the boys figuring out their new Cars puzzle…together πŸ™‚

Puzzles are a great concentration task for kids and an awesome way to build children’s problem solving skills and determination. If parents, siblings, all the family or friends can successfully use puzzles to play together then this is a great way for them to learn about sharing and to gain patience as well as building on important social and communication skills.

puzzles around the house

The charity shops are packed with puzzles for about Β£1 each and a lot of them are new where it appears they are not in trend anymore, seemingly puzzles aren’t as hip or cool as the PS125 or Daddy’s tablet.

We have loads of puzzles, so many in fact that I need to go find some reclaimable wood and put up son shelves just so they have a home, totally running out of puzzle space!

this is one of many places we keep puzzles, a few puzzles are around the house and a lot of books are in piles below hence the slumping collection on the shelves. The boys love books and puzzles, they are in nearly every room!

In my eyes, my children (age 3 & 4) are too young and impressionable to be playing computer games or getting neck ache over a tablet. When they do watch a film a few days out of the week they get addicted to the motion picture, asking for it again and they were bought a mini pad but they soon became obsessive, didn’t listen to Mum about posture, went slightly numb and started giving me attitude about putting it down. Urm no thank you! It did get taken away and has been forgotten about. I noticed with puzzles and other games such as Moondough or imaginative scenery play they are ‘awake’ and are learning so much more by expanding their minds, not forgetting to mention how freely their necks can move!

Once your child has taken to puzzles they are a great way for the child to entertain themselves whilst you are busy, washing up, cooking or sorting the clothes etc. Kids can also do a puzzle anywhere with enough surface area! My boys and I love puzzles and we hope you do too, if not then hopefully you will try them out with your little ones today. You may just be amazed πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Its Puzzle Time!

    • I can’t see how anyone isn’t. I mean I get there are people that don’t give a shit as I have had first hand experience from my Mother but seriously our children are Gods gifts to us to cherish, love and nourish into the future of humanity. I love my Boys and there’s mot a day that goes by where I don’t strive to do more for them and be a better Mother. I thank the Almighty for my children and thank you for your comment πŸ™‚

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