Tuesdays of Texture #1 – Fluffy

After a rather later than usual start to the day there was much ado about the way Mummy decided we were walking. More often than not I let the boys choose the way although today I decided the path and stuck to my choice. All the commotion got a little too much and I just had to stop. We were passing a little wall so I decided to perch on it for a short while and I am so glad I did as I ended up amongst a small bush of these little cuties. I have no idea what they are but they gave me inspiration in regards to Narami’s prompt this morning, I thought they would be perfect for the texture challenge. I am happy to have joined the Tuesday crew and I am starting with my most favourite of textures, fluffy and soft! Happy Tuesday Al 🙂

in association with Tuesdays of Texture weekly challenge by Narami check out her awesome blog via this link to join in on the fun and for other inspirational posts!


5 thoughts on “Tuesdays of Texture #1 – Fluffy

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