Thankful Thursday – Movement

Wow, I really need a vacation! So much of one place and routine with no real break can drive a person crazy!…Is what I have discovered over the last year.

I am deeply thankful for our home and the good health my boys and I do have and for the nature that is surrounding our settlement although I cant help but feel as people we need to be moving more, seeing more of the world. I cannot make this happen anymore than I am trying to right now, I feel something strange has happened along the way in western humanity and its current culture that somewhat prevents travelling by foot here.
Today, after running either way to reach desired destinations I am so very thankful for my legs! For all my limbs and my skeleton, my nerves and well for my entire body I am deeply grateful as without it all I would literally be getting nowhere!! 😀

In association with the beautiful weekly challenge Thankful Thursday by Mirthiluna
Thank You


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