Thankful Thursday – Fire, Snow, Commitment & Good Advice

Happy last Thursday of January 2015 All! Oh my goodness did I really just say that…15 years since I was celebrating the Millenium with my Grandma in her old flat in Baverstocks, Alton…15 years! Woah now that is a wake up call that makes me feel a lot older than I am and that makes me grab life by the balls and live it to the full, yes I’m tired yes I’m sloppy at things but yes I am living and loving the moment! I am grateful for my awakening and to see the World in the way I do (when I stop to admire it that is), to be alive and to have lived this long and I am most thankful to the memory of the countdown of 2000 as it truly is one of the earliest I have!

Firstly can I just say a huge THANKYOU to everybody supporting PeaceCrafting. As it can clearly be seen from the content here I haven’t been my usual posting self. I am currently studying a course and working on a second blog – Living Hampshire whilst raising a family and keeping our home together. Although I haven’t been saying much at PeaceCrafting you guys have still proved loyal with your commitment to the work that is, a big shout out to You. Thanks so much. Commitment.


After building an awe some fire at KidsClub today I am very grateful for our community there and for the social skills my children are gaining through attending and interaction. Although we didn’t do the marshmallows on a stick thing the joy came in the uniting of smiles through the creating of a beautiful element. Fire.

The walk home literally had me jumping for joy too!! It snowed (it was snow, not rain) (maybe sleet) yes it did (definitely not rain)! It made me sooo happy! I have been waiting for those magical pieces of art to float down upon us for so long. I am truly grateful and most thankful that I got to be part of it and loved living in the moment embracing the cold sprinkles as they landed all over my face and nestled their way into my hair. It definitely put a spring in my step. It was much colder here today and I know now it wasn’t just because I forgot my scarf!

Mithriluna writes:

“So when a big snowstorm hits New Jersey and there is a state of emergency so everyone has to stay home, I am forced to sit back and enjoy” – part of the Weekly challenge Thankful Thursday by Mithriluna.

This inspired me and I totally get this…so glad we are on the same level. I love how the people get overridden by the weather although it can be very sad to discover what we are actually doing to the natural state of things…it’s not surprising Mother Earth wants to stop everyone in their tracks once in a while! Snow.

I am also majorly grateful for the constant gifts of advice that are oh so beautifully incorporated into my daily life. Knowing how much these teachers care warms my heart and the encouragement is a blessing even if it takes me more than a while to discover, research and follow it. Thank You so very much for your consistency in helping me being a better me! I am eternally grateful for your everything. Good advice.


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