Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Seriously

An absolutely hilarious post has overridden any serious quote I had lined up for this week and I have to allow it too this time.
Thanks to Dolly for her Curious Catch post and for her quote of:

“Never dumb yourself down to keep a conversation light…Try to talk to someone as if they’ve been your friends for years. I guarantee you your time will be 1001% more fun if you let yourself be yourself, even to a complete stranger.”

Following inspiration from WP commenting guidelines I have decided to incorporate it into a post of my own for this weeks Writer’s Quote Wednesday by Silver Threading.

I couldn’t agree more with Dolly on this point and admire her writing deeply.
ALways express yourself fully as your words will make the more needed impact, I have found that no matter what you say, how you say it, who loves itor who is shocked or offended by it at the time, even if the nostalgic sensation causes you/them to cringe, later on the words sink in and resonate deeply with people bringing more righteous feelings regarding the matter to the surface, thus enabling that gifting to understand the situation clearer and also bringing them to a brighter connection with themselves (whether they ever speak of this or not!) I believe most of the time they get a gut feeling of “oh yeah!”.
Holding back just keeps everything on a level people already know. Say it how it is! Express how you really feel, don’t be rude or cause harm just enlighten the situation by bringing a realistic and fresh perspective to things through speaking your mind truthfully.It is how progression starts, gifting room for minds to expand 🙂


14 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Seriously

  1. Thank you for that shout out! Yes that quote at the end really summed up my message! Life is too short for small talk. Either talk to people with a sense of purpose or don’t at all- no one’s interviewing you unless you’re in an actual interview! So let loose and breathe your funny and entertaining spirit into the world and to all you meet 🙂

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  2. I love Dolly’s quote! That is fabulous! I try to be and sound authentic. I am sure sometimes I sound nuts, but then, that is o.k. too. Thanks for sharing such a fun quote! ❤

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