Thankful Thursday – Gifts of Love

Hi everyone. This week my gratitude goes out to my Friends. The true ones who have consistently been there for me no matter the circumstance and situation. The people that would be there for me in times of need. The ones that understand me. The people that have given me gifts of pure love, laughter, support, knowledge, guidance, wisdom and so much more, time and time again. I am thankful for the gifts of true support for the times when I just can’t see straight or just need someone to be there and for the material gifts showing that my friends are and have been thinking about me. It is very much appreciated and gratefully accepted into my world. THANK YOU X
Without my friends I wouldn’t even know myself. Thank You to our creator, the source for linking me up with such awesome people!

I love the idea that we are strong enough to get through anything alone, it is a splendid and noble notion and one I do practise although my experience has taught me that to really make something of myself I needed true love of God and to be able to find this I needed my dear friends guidance to deliver me into the true beauty of life when I could not see it for myself. A different perspective can really wake you up 😀

Happy Thankful Thursday All.


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